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Hard Rock, 4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV
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  • Mr Lucky's 24/7Pro 2014
    Ryan Windsor (Reserve123)
    4 Jul 02, 2014

    When it is late and you are hungry, Mr. Lucky's is an excellent option. The breakfast-all-day menu is much appreciated, and there is rarely much of a wait unless you roll up just after a show lets out. The BLT is excellent.

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  • Mr Lucky's 24/7
    Aaron L
    3 Jul 05, 2012

    I've dined at quite a few Las Vegas cafes, and must say that Mr. Lucky's is one of my favorites.

    I particularly like the Wild Turkey Sandwich, with a side of slaw (in lieu of fries) for $11.99. It's a turkey sandwich on grilled sourdough, both cheddar and jack cheese, mushrooms, 1000 island dressing, and a lil kick with some jalapenos. Yum!

    Make sure to bring your Rockstar player's card with you to get the late night specials (12am-8am), which include steak and eggs ($4.99), or a "burger basket" ($3.99). I haven't had the burger basket yet, but you just about get what you pay for with the steak and eggs. Regardless; great late night drunk munchies.

    Tip: Check out the off-the-menu "Gambler's Special"; which includes steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and salad for only $7.77.

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  • Mr Lucky's 24/7
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    4 Jul 04, 2012

    Ok, I don't know why we were there but after getting thrown out of some club it was the only place I could think of.....after all who doesn't want to be lucky? ;D

    The food I can't recall...but what I loved the most was that they have a high tolerance for drunk people. Needless to say, I wasn't arrested but it was pretty damn close.

    So imagine if you will - so my crew and I were thro........escorted out of the club mostly because of my friends behavior (picture a bunch of drunk marines - yeah, I know). We take a large mini man over to Mr. Luckys. The servers were patient with us despite my friends actions. The entire time there was a mix of stupid jokes about this or that. In the middle of all of this I'm just sitting there trying to sober up over my soup. It was good soup...the little that I tasted. Because all of a sudden one marine decides a joke was uncalled for and in turn punches the other.....who happened to sit next to me spilling my soup in the process. I never did get my food and fortunately there were enough sober people at our table to escort ourselves out before the police or security showed up. So perhaps I should give them a lower score for being less aware of their clients....but I digress because of such inaction we were able to get ruin another night the following day - but that is another story and another review.

    Later the following day we hit Palazzo, IP, Bellagio and now Hard Rock. And I do love food.. particularly good food... in this case I'll make an exception for pretty damned good food... of course it tastes better when i'm drunk... and it always tastes better when a beautiful women feeds it to you.

    The girls were too busy throwing up anyhow...

    I just wish I knew about this damned $7.77 special and the $9.99 special. Next time... can you say Halloween???
    Holla at your boy!!!

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  • Mr Lucky's 24/7
    4 Jul 26, 2011
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The prices have gone up a little, the servings seem to be smaller, and the previously hush-hush $7.77 steak-and-shrimp special is now advertised on a cue card placed on every table. However, the Hard Rock's mid '90s reinvention of the classic diner otherwise rolls on unchanged, dishing out burgers, sandwiches and breakfast classics (try the huevos rancheros) to a disparate pre- and post-party ... read more