Nairobi National Park

Langata Road, Nairobi, Kenya
12 reviews

African Safari in Kenya was an eyeopening experience. To be in an Open Jeep and traverse amongst the animals in their natural habitats was an experience of a lifetime. The thing that impressed me the most were the people and how simply they lived and living without possessions and without an abundance of department stores. You can actually survive without ...

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    0.28 mi

    Ranger's Restuarant

    0.28 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    The food is a good touch below average, but the atmosphere is great. A grand building, that feels more like a social lodge, with a bar, and a wrap around balcony with plenty of tables. Super friendly service. The only catch is that it is right outside the park gates, so once you go into the park, you have to ...

  • 2
    1.84 mi


    1.84 mi from Nairobi National Park
    16 reviews

    this is the place i want to go back again!

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  • 3
    4.87 mi

    The Tamarind Nairobi

    4.87 mi from Nairobi National Park
    3 reviews

    Try their Calamari Maridadi, a grilled calamari with olive oil, served with mixed green leaves and sweet red pepper salsa. It's sumptuous. If you want ambience though, head for The Tamarind Mombasa.

  • 4
    3.86 mi

    Slims Restaurant

    3.86 mi from Nairobi National Park
    2 reviews

    Go for some drinks after work. Friendly bar service, and plenty of comfortable places to relax. The spicy chicken wings are excellent (could use some bigger portions though). The dinner menu is fairly standard, everything seems decent.

  • 5
    4.88 mi


    4.88 mi from Nairobi National Park
    2 reviews

    This is where you should go if you happen to be craving a big serving of Italian food when you're hanging out in downtown Nairobi. The food is delicious and served in a romantic atmosphere.

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  • 6
    3.55 mi

    Osteria del Chianti Restaurant

    3.55 mi from Nairobi National Park
    2 reviews

    Osteria is one of Nairobi’s best Italian restaurants. You can sit outside under the umbrellas, which is perfect for warm nights. Inside, quaint shelves lined with bottles of wine provide an authentic touch. The wine Gaiya Shiraz Pinotage. Some might find it ironic that the best wine at an Italian restaurant is South African, but it reflects well on our ...

  • 7
    3.24 mi

    Croissanterie Alexandre

    3.24 mi from Nairobi National Park
    2 reviews

    Situated on the ground floor of Yaya, it has plenty going on for it besides coffee. As chocolatiers, they have gourmet pastries, and decadent desserts, but every self-respecting sugar addict needs a decent cup to complement the treat. I decided to go with a takeaway on this particular visit, but the cappuccino I got made me wonder whether those on ...

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  • 8
    3.7 mi

    Java House Upper Hill

    3.7 mi from Nairobi National Park

    This coffee house standard bearer is known for its high – quality coffee. And it certainly lived up to its reputation during my visit. The service was immediate, even though I called in the mid-morning downtime. The bonus to my Java House experience was that my cappuccino was paired with a chocolate croissant the size of a small loaf of ...

  • 9
    4.29 mi

    Tamambo Karen Blixen Coffee House

    4.29 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    The menu is now a fusion of the popular Tamarind and Tamambo dishes giving Karen residents a chance to sample the delicious Tamarind signature seafood. Diners have a fine choice of different areas for lunch or dinner. There is the cosy and redecorated indoor restaurant with adjacent outdoor terrace and garden, also being remodeled, for a la carte dining.

  • 10
    3.66 mi

    Le Palanka Nairobi

    3.66 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    Just opened around August 2013, it has yet to become the elite hang-out it is designed to be. A wonderful outdoor seating area, with trendy murals of famous musicians, charcoal heaters, and little enclaves for privacy. Inside is tastefully designed with a main dinning area, and a handful of individually themed rooms for dinner parties. There is also a little ...

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  • 11
    4.06 mi

    Haru Japanese Restaurant

    4.06 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    This restaurant has a modern but unpretentious design with a long bar on the left side and a main dining area upstairs. Haru has about 10 tables and the size just right – it has an intimate feel that makes it a great place to go with friends for dinner or lunch. Thoroughly enjoyable! The staff were courteous and friendly, ...

  • 12
    2.84 mi

    Art Caffe'

    2.84 mi from Nairobi National Park

    Art Caffe’ are purveyors of the most well-rounded cappuccino I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Let’s not forget that by the time I got around to the venue, I was already three cappuccinos deep and not exactly excited at the thought of any more caffeine. The service, while not bubbling with enthusiasm, was quick and efficient, and the coffee basically ...

  • 13
    4.91 mi

    Dorman's Cafe

    4.91 mi from Nairobi National Park

    Hot on the heels of Java is the South African entrant, known for its understated locales and – according to most people – its superior cappuccino. The service was pleasant, eliciting my largest tip of the day. The cappuccino was nicely presented, complete with the obligatory detailing atop the drink. The taste was mellower than Java’s – more medium roast ...

  • 14
    2.62 mi

    La Salumeria

    2.62 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    A little restaurant out the back of Adam's Arcade. It has a very family owned feel, with chalkboard specials, homemade pasta, and d'canters of wine. The service is friendly, but can lag a bit, the ambiance feels warm and private, and people rave about the desserts.

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  • 15
    4.61 mi

    Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Karen

    4.61 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    You are forgiven for thinking that a Japanese restaurant in a dusty Nairobi suburb is a dodgy prospect. Believe me, though; I have traveled Africa extensively, and I suffer from frequent, chronic sushi cravings. Tokyo in Karen rocks it! You'll find the restaurant in an old manor, complete with a fireplace in the dining room and a bathtub in the ...

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  • 16
    3.42 mi

    Divino Restaurant

    3.42 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    We tried their Villa Belvedere Merlot. The bouquet was healthy and robust, but the taste was mild and didn’t have much of an impression. The ambience is perfect for enjoing a glass of red wine on a lazy evening, though. Try the low white lounge seats instead of the bar.

  • 17
    3.03 mi

    Happiness And Love Restaurant

    3.03 mi from Nairobi National Park
    2 reviews

    It's just so so. Service seemed ok, but the food was not quite good. There are many better Chinese/Korean restaurants. I'd recommend other places nearby yaya center than this one.

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  • 18
    2.76 mi

    Brew Bistro and Lounge

    2.76 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    Well, they do brew their own beer, and it is a step-up from Tusker, but it is not much of a draw in the end. What is a draw, is the atmosphere, and the gigantic platter sized steaks they serve in their restaurant. A cool balcony, bar, and indoor seating. However it is super packed on the weekends, so if ...

  • 19
    2.9 mi

    Mediterraneo (Junction)

    2.9 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    The menus are like books here, offering everything from soups to meats, to pastas and a separate book of desserts. They make one or two pastas fresh, and their steak is excellent -- tender and juicy. Also try the smoothies which are tasty and well priced, but review the menu carefully before ordering liquor as it can be incredibly overpriced. ...

  • 20
    3.57 mi

    Cedars Restaurant

    3.57 mi from Nairobi National Park
    1 review

    Delicious Lebanese food. Sit outside on the terrace, or hang out inside at the bar. A good spot to treat yourself to a nice meal.

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