National City

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National City has a bad rep, but some of my favorite places are here! This place is home to some of the best ethnic groceries and restaurants in San Diego. In fact, when I fly back to San Diego, I insist on stopping at a couple of restaurants in National City straight from the airport (Tacos El Gordo and Manila ...

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    San Diego

    California, USA
    647 reviews

    Laid back vibes but things to do for all types. Be fast paced in the city, enjoying the Gaslamp and nightlife or head east for much more relaxed neighborhoods and lifestyles. Great place for the outdoors and eating many cuisines.

  • 2


    California, USA
    73 reviews

    It starts with the not for acrophobias trip across the Coronado Bridge, but while on that bridge, enjoy the view, but don't look down. Once you arrive on the Coronado side, you're met with a nice lush golf course, which is a preview of things to come. Don't stop there, drive through the small downtown, peek into the historic Hotel ...

  • 3

    Chula Vista

    California, USA
    10 reviews

    CV gets a lot of flack for being so close to the Mexican border and maybe for being ghetto, but people don't realize that there is a whole other section of CV that has $1M homes. It's really not ghetto at all. Plus, we have the best mexican food in all of SD, and Olympians come here to train. So ...

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    California, USA
    2 reviews

    This is a small, unincorporated area of San Diego, and also my hometown. It's pretty quaint. I'd say the biggest thing here is Rohr Park and the adjacent golf course, which people use as a jogging/biking trail. Originally, this town had many horse owners, and you might notice raised crosswalk buttons in certain intersections to cater to those who walk ...

  • 5

    La Jolla

    California, USA
    86 reviews

    Most charming area around San Diego! There's so much to see and do in La Jolla, from beaches to art galeries, shops, restaurants and golfing.

  • 6

    Pacific Beach

    California, USA
    17 reviews

    The beaches back in the Bay Area are no contest to the ones here. The weather is so nice that even if it's a little windy, you don't have to bundle yourself up when you walk around. Couldn't help but notice the board at the lifeguard building saying that the water temperature was in the 70s. If that's not enough ...

  • 7


    68 reviews

    Famous border town in Mexico. Gotta love the lobster tacos. I'm not one for poverty tourism, but this is a fun, hip place.

  • 8

    La Mesa

    California, USA
    7 reviews

    Lake Murrey, La Mesa Fun fishing,, Picnics

  • 9


    California, USA
    2 reviews

    This is not really my type of town, too remote, mostly residential, etc BUT I do visit this area on my way to Barona Casino or hiking in Poway. I also like that El Capitan High School has a 4H program which my cousins LOVE.

  • 10

    Spring Valley

    California, USA
  • 11

    Imperial Beach

    California, USA
    9 reviews


  • 12

    El Cajon

    California, USA
    6 reviews

    Usually hot and nothing super "exciting" to check out. There is a casino, a mall, movie theater and some shopping options.

  • 13


    California, USA
    3 reviews

    SANTEE, CALIFORNIA quite peaceful, SANTEE LAKES open and stocked with fish 5 LAKES Camping, picnic, paddle boat rentals paddle down on of the Lakes on a cozy afternoon.............................................................................................................

  • 14

    Lemon Grove

    California, USA
  • 15


    California, USA
    2 reviews

    This is a remote city with sprawling homes and a lot of empty space. Mostly residential, but a great place to ride horses, go for a motorcycle ride, or visit Indian Hills camp.

  • 16


    California, USA
    41 reviews

    The amazing landscapes that flow into the beach/ocean will leave you wondering why anybody would want to be anywhere else in the world. I love walking along the beach in the late evening and listening to the rolling waves take you where you always wanted to be...Carlsbad.

  • 17


    California, USA
    39 reviews

    Best beach town anywhere

  • 18

    Del Mar

    California, USA
    29 reviews

    Great Fair in Summer, Horse races, Great Beach.. great place to go

  • 19


    California, USA
    13 reviews

    One and a half hour away from San Diego this old Gold Mine town is a nice place to relax, enjoy cool weather, actual seasons and even some snow in winter. It's also where San Diego goes to eat apple pies and tons of candies.

  • 20

    Cardiff by the Sea

    California, USA
    6 reviews

    A delightful, beautiful little seaside town between Encinitas and Solana Beach in San Diego. A quiet little road winds through some hillside neighborhoods and emerges on the coast, with swaying palm trees and happy locals trotting around with tanned skin and beaded flip-flops. The atmosphere is relaxed and quaint, a peaceful retreat from some of the more bustling and gritty ...

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