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    • Maid of the Mist5920 River Road, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6V6, Canada
      Liza Prado recommended Maid of the Mist
      A ride on the Maid of the Mist is an absolute must. (And a sure fire hit at any age.) Basically, it's a boat ride from either the American or Canadian side that takes passengers so close to falls ... read more
      themselves--American, Bridal Veil, and Horseshoe--that you'll get totally soaked (unless, of course, you opt to wear the rain gear provided). The close-up views are spectacular too.....
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      Liza Prado

      Whenever you decide to go to Niagara Falls, definitely consider the Maid of the Mist....

    • Niagara Falls 5920 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
      Liza Prado recommended Niagara Falls
      Niagara Falls is argueably one of the most dramatic set of waterfalls in North America. The Canadian side is much more built up, and set up, for tourists. It's got miles of paved walkways with ... read more
      breathtaking views, gorgeus gardens, upscale hotels and casinos, and yes, a wax museum or two. The view of the falls themselves, are much more beautiful on the Canadian side too (they're even lit up at night). The American side is nice, it just kind of falls flat in comparison to its neighbor in terms of attractions and amenities for tourists.
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      Liza Prado

      Niagara Falls is just outside of Buffalo, NY. Yes, the one famous for all the snow. I grew up there, and frankly, March is still well within the winter season. Not that a blizzard is typical in March but come prepared for anything from the low teens to the mid-60s. In terms of whether March is a good time to visit--the falls themselves are gorgeous anytime of year as long as you dress for the weather! Truly a spectacular set of waterfalls....

    • Megan L. Wood commented on this trip

      Hi, Navi. Mid March should be a great time to visit the falls. Winter in New York is pretty mild, and even if you get some rain, the falls can be really beautiful among the fog and clouds. And you'll have an excuse to buy a souvenir rain poncho from the gift shop.

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    • Pro 2014
      Julia P recommended Niagara Falls City
      Although I thought Niagara Falls would be a bit overdone as a destination, the falls are truly spectacular. If you're in the neighborhood anyway, I'd say they're absolutely worth a visit. Skip the ... read more
      going over in a barrel bit for a photo op. The surrounding town is really nothing to write home about, full of tourist-y restaurants and kitschy shops.
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      Julia P

      Hey Navi, March will still be pretty cold, but I imagine that the fact that it should be less crowded will make up for that. The falls are impressive, definitely worth a stop.