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    Amsterdam Canals

    146 reviews

    This is the one time you're allowed to be a tourist - take a canal cruise. Really, it's no shame and, unless you're one of the few people with a canal permit or want to use your legs to propel one of the waterbikes, your only chance to see the city from the canals ("Gracht" in Dutch). There's a "hop ...

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    Van Gogh Museum

    129 reviews

    Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists so I may be a bit biased, but I absolutely loved this museum. It has a wonderful and very complete collection of his work, and you can see how his artistic style evolved over his life time. It is absolutely a must see for fans of impressionist art

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  • 3

    Red Light District

    160 reviews

    What can I say, I knew what to expect, but seeing it in reality was a little different. Can't help but feel bad for the girls (although some were questionable)! Still though, great place to visit just for the eye opener! The basement coffeshop is pretty cozy for all you smokers, don't buy the red light special though!

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    Anne Frank House

    118 reviews

    The Anne Frank House is where the Frank family hid from the nazis when Amsterdam, and greater Holland, was under nazi domination. They were eventually discovered, and ended up being sent to a concentration camp. The entire family, with the exception of Anne's father, died either in or on the way to Bergen-Belzen concentration camp.

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  • 5


    74 reviews

    Opening hours 9:00 to 17:00 daily, all days of the year The Rijksmuseum’s ticket desk closes at 16:30 The Rijksmuseum Gardens, Rijks Shop and Café are also open to visitors without a ticket from 9:00 to 18:00 Please note that it can be very busy in the Rijksmuseum. Museumkaart and e-ticket holders do not have to go to the ticket ...

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  • 6

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

    83 reviews

    I have seen my fair share of airports all over the world, but Schiphol stands out as the best one in the world. Effcient, clean and, lo en behold....even some friendly personal here!! Also a lot of shopping opportunities, quite a few reasonable places to eat, possible massages and even some cabines for short stay overs (you can rent them ...

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    Canal Cruise Amsterdam

    72 reviews

    A canal cruise is a great way to get a first impression of Amsterdam. It's a nice, relaxing experience as you sit there and watch the city go by, with all the beautiful old houses and bridges.

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  • 8


    68 reviews

    One of the prettiest and most charming parks I’ve seen in Europe – surrounded by quaint, Victorian-style homes on quiet blocks. Plop down beneath a lush tree in summer to people-watch, or gather at the frozen ponds in winter to watch brave (or perhaps crazy) teenagers test the thickness of the ice and walk across the surface.

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  • 9

    Heineken Experience

    58 reviews

    On my first visit, they had no limit on the beer you could sample. The next visit, they gave us a lot, but cut us off. It was much easier to find the bus stop on the second visit.

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  • 10

    Flower Market

    55 reviews

    Netherlands is famous for its production of all kinds of flowers, especially tulips. I would definitely recommend trying to go to the flower market, the variety of colors itself is pretty cool, and makes for some great pictures.

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  • 11

    Dam Square Monument

    53 reviews

    Basically just a monument. If you are lucky there may be something on in the square, otherwise enjoy the irony of this dutch clearly phallic monument. There are some nice but quite expensive bars by the side.

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  • 12

    Royal Palace Amsterdam

    36 reviews

    This is a amazing building. build by Hendrik de Keyzer as the city hall of Amterdam. It is one of the first ''civilian" building in Europe of this size. Amsterdam was a republic in that times, governed by regentes, the most influential entrepeneurs and protestants of the city. Inside it is beautiful decorated by Dutch aritst of the 17th century. ...

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  • 13


    39 reviews

    A bit the center of attraction for people going out. The square is packed with restaurants and place to enjoy music or show in the evening. Coming there is quite easy as at least 3 or 4 line of trams pass by the place. If you don't know what to do one evening in Amsterdam, just go there and you'll ...

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  • 14

    Amsterdam Central Station

    35 reviews

    Amsterdam's main train station, that connects it with much of nearby western cities like Brussels. The architecture is very pretty. I really like the use of brick. It can get a little shady late at night, so I wouldn't recommend trying to save a night of hotel by crashing at the station.

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  • 15

    Madame Tussauds

    36 reviews

    smaller then London. you had been to London you can pass this one otherwise go and check all the WAX famous.

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  • 16

    I Amsterdam Sign

    32 reviews

    Still full of people around. So it is almost impossible to make a picture only with the sign and you :)

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  • 17


    21 reviews

    We were there in early May, were too late for the full blooms of Tulip fields, only left a few rows. Dissapointed. Suggest to go there during Tulips festival time, or at least one week before or after the festival.

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  • 18


    24 reviews

    Explore more of Holland in this interactive miniature park in Scheveningen. There is a lot to see, to experience and to do!

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  • 19

    Albert Cuyp Markt

    23 reviews

    This street market is a really fun place to stroll and ogle Amsterdam's more bohemian-multiculti scene (it's in De Pijp, a very diverse neighborhood). But the most important thing is the snacks: Indonesian spring rolls, fresh stroopwafels, herring sandwiches and of course french fries. You can also pick up good cheap bike accessories here.

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  • 20

    Science Center NEMO

    22 reviews


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