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Neverending Nightlife in Dallas' Deep Ellum

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The trendy and historic section of Dallas known as Deep Ellum is relatively tame by day, but every night it explodes into a cacophony of sights, smells, and sounds. You couldn't possibly take in all that it has to offer in a night (or even a weekend). Music can be heard constantly, food is ubiquitous, and friendly crowds fill the streets. Festivals happen frequently, and when they do the level of activity goes up several notches. If you can't find something to entertain you here, then you’re the kind of person that can't be entertained.


Buzzbrews Kitchen

The menu at this place defies logic. It has everything from Californian-styled breakfast to something that resembles sushi pizza. I couldn't even begin to explain how intricate some of these plates can be, and I can't wait to go back to try a new one each time. The waiter brought me the wrong order...

Deep Sushi

Considering how trendy Deep Ellum is, it's not surprising that they would have a high-quality sushi bar. Nestled in between rock bars, live music, and tattoo shops, this little restaurant would almost go unnoticed as you walk by. But make sure you stop by because it has a great atmosphere, a friendly...

Glazed Donut Works

The name of this place is actually pretty hilarious if you understand the context. They are a donut shop (obviously) in the middle of a party district. So what? Well, they're open in the mornings like every respectable donut shop should be, but they're also open late at night when the area is full of...

St Pete's Dancing Marlin

As soon as I stepped inside I felt like I was in a seaside restaurant that got its catch early that morning and cooked it directly for me. Of course, being this far from the coast, it's obvious that's not the case. But the atmosphere, the service, and the food said otherwise....

Cafe Brazil

Delicious! Absolutely delicious. It came highly recommended by a local, and I'm so glad we went. I'd never really had Brazilian food, so I picked the "barbeque" on the menu. No, it wasn't actually barbeque, but it was as Brazilian as barbeque is American. Can't remember the name, but it's the...