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    Cafe Du Monde

    181 reviews

    Getting your first beignet at Cafe Du Monde is a right of passage. Plan to wait when it's busy (which is always) and don't be surprised at all the powdered sugar on the ground....they make a lot of beignets on a daily basis!

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    Commanders Palace Restaurant

    41 reviews

    Cafe Maspero ,Antoines, Dragos in Metaries and Courtyard Seven Sisters are all excellent choices. If it is your first time in NO , then definitely try brunch at Commanders Palace. Although there are many good places to eat brunch at Commanders is an experience. Then afterwards do go by and give mothers at try- it may not look like much ...

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    Mother's Restaurant

    This place will leave you reeling with delight, from the food to the atmosphere. It is usually busy, waiting to order on a busy day is another experience, watching the locals order their food and chatting with the employees. Great food, great place.

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    Jacques-Imo's Cafe

    30 reviews

    I heart this place. On our trip to Nola, this was our favorite dining experience--as well as for many others apparently. Foodwise, it had the best of what the region is know for, and in an eclectic, colorful, comfortable, soulful restaurant. Everything we ordered was deelish, but do plan on getting there early or waiting (with great drinks at the ...

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    Pat O'Brien's Courtyard Restaurant

    This place seem like a tourist trap (and maybe it is), but I love it!! The reason why I love it is the dueling piano bar area. To sit in this area, it's etiquette to buy a drink or two. Unfortunately, there's no food allowed. There are many other areas in this place that serve food though.

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  • 6

    Acme Oyster House

    32 reviews

    Acme has life-changing chargrilled oysters. I took my mother for some on her first-ever visit to New Orleans. She did not stop talking about them for the year between her visits, and when she returned, her greatest delight was introducing them to my father as if she had invented them herself. That's how possessive you get about these oysters. It ...

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    Napoleon House

    27 reviews

    All time favorite bar in New Orleans (and the world). No place like it. Great food, great cocktails, peeling paint, and the studio apartments upstairs- it's called Atmosphere. And I love it.

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  • 8

    Central Grocery

    24 reviews

    This NO institution is famous, and rightly so, for its monstrous, delicious, amazing mufalettas. Take a round loaf of excellent bread, slice the insides out, and fill it with fresh cold-cuts, cheeses, and -- best of all -- tangy olive salad. Buy a half-sandwich and eat it on the street outside for a great people-watching experience, or buy a whole ...

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    Cochon Butcher

    25 reviews

    If you do one special meal in New Orleans, it should be at Cochon--it's Cajun food stripped bare, then rebuilt with the best possible ingredients. The style of the place is very spare and modern, but this food is more like what Cajun food would've been way back in the day, before they invented cream-of-mushroom soup and all the other ...

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  • 10

    The Court of Two Sisters

    19 reviews

    The courtyard/patio has such a romantic atmosphere. Tables are underneath an old blue wisteria tree lit up with lights in the evening. The food is good though I am sure there might be better choices for foodies. The bananas foster is quite memorable, though, and once again the ambiance is unforgettable.

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    Parkway Bakery & Tavern

    17 reviews

    Parkway is well known because of the there awesome sandwichs... i agreee they are amazing i took a cab there from the french Q because i didnt know better. Now i know you can take the street car from canal st to N Jefferson Davis Parkway(if you think thats to complicated just tell the driver where u wanna go he ...

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    Antoine's Restaurant

    14 reviews

    The food isn't the best, but go for the atmosphere. This place is full of so much history, make sure to ask for a tour of the restaurant!

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    Breakfast at Brennans is not to be missed. It will easily set you back over $100, but the simple elegance and leisure gives you a taste of another world. The fixed price menu includes three courses. The Bananas Foster are not to be missed. You'll be so full you'll want to skip lunch. Afterwards, a leisurely stroll through the antique ...

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    Cafe Beignet

    A New Orleans tradition for the last two hundred years, Cafe Beignet serves the best chickory blend of Cafe Ole this side of the Mississippi. Their beignets, a golden, crispy pastry lightly dusted with confecctioners sugar, is the perfect way to start the day in the Big Easy.

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    Arnaud's Restaurant

    13 reviews

    Arnaud's is one of the Grand Dames of the French Quarter, recognized among locals and visitors alike as an authentic source for perfect creole cuisine. The recipe for trout amandine hasn't changed in decades. The menu features five different preparations of oysters; even more interesting is the secret upstairs Mardi Gras museum, featuring spectacular gowns worn by Germaine Cazenave Wells, ...

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    Mr B's Bistro

    14 reviews

    I heard great things about this place, but for me it fell a little short of expectations. My entrée was very creative - seared tuna with crayfish sauce and fried green tomatoes. Tasty but a little too rich for me. The place was noisy and felt a little too impersonal.

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  • 17


    Upscale neighborhood bar

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    Palace Cafe

    12 reviews

    One of my favorites

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  • 19

    Coop's Place

    Unassuming dive bar with terrific Cajun-Creole food, like crawfish etouffee and this jambalaya:

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    The brunch at Luke is spectacular. Eggs in a jar, simple enough in name, sometimes feature an entire fried soft shell crab creeping out of a clear glass dish layered with eggs and grits. The pancakes are perfect and there's always something on the menu for kids. One of the best reasons to come is for the oyster happy hour. ...

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