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New York City: Museums, Galleries & Exhibits


New York City

Coming for the New York area when I am traveling I meet people all over the world who long for visit the Big Apple. I always tell them the best time of year to visit the city is in the Christmas season! I know it is one of the most popular times for tourists but it really is the best time to see the city (from...

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met has something for everyone! It's so massive, my father is a member and I have been there several times through out my life and I can't even say that I've seen everything in this colossal museum!

MoMA—Museum of Modern Art

Essentially the best art museum I have ever been to. Granted I have not been to the Louvre yet but the MoMA is world class. With an incredible permanent collection and always great new works. Featuring pieces by some of the world most famous artists the MoMA is awe inspiring for any audience....

American Museum of Natural History

New York has so many amazing museums to choose from but for a truly unique experience take a stop by the American Museum of Natural History. Even if you only have time to explore some of the fascinating exhibits you will learn so much about this beautiful planet and the flora and fauna living on her....

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

One of the most uniquely designed museums in the world the Guggenheim has a spiral architecture designed to optimize the art viewing experience. The idea is that you want to start by taking the elevator to the top and effortlessly work your way down.


New York City's famous SoHo gallery district. I remember going their when I was younger but as SoHo's fame grew the vibe of the area started to change and the galleries have begun to branch out from their original centralized location.

Museum Of Sex

Very comprehensive! They have a great variety of exhibits some permanent and some rotating. Topics cover sex in flim/video, toys and technology, art and erotica, digital and online, and even sex in different species. Very informative!

Bodies The Exhibition

Wow! Incredible to see in person. If you haven't heard of the bodies exhibit before I suggest you look it up because it's a bit complicated to explain. They have taken bodies, mostly human bodies and dissected and preserved them and put them on display. There are several of these exhibitions around...

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

A unique experience to have in New York City. I visited the Intrepid as a teenager. I had a great time, there was lots to see and explore on the ship. Great place to go with kids! Boys especially will love it!