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pretty good place and a lot of people live here that you might know. Latin American food is good here same with afghan

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    California, USA
    8 reviews

    This city only gets two stars and that's for Mission Peak hiking trail. Otherwise even one star would be an overstatement. This city seriously smells, literally!

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    Union City

    California, USA
    1 review

    Union City to me: Big box stores (Walmart, Party City, etc.) and Filipino food. We usually make a detour off the 880 to grab Krispy Kreme.

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    San Jose

    California, USA
    88 reviews

    It's not San Francisco and if we remember that than it's got potential to be appreciated. It's actually the first city in California, started back in 1777 and it's got its share of tragic, comic and interesting stories. Consider taking a San Jose Walks & Talks walking tour to get the inside scoop from some enterprising students.

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    Mountain View

    California, USA
    33 reviews

    Great people, amazing internet companies and some great bike trails. Visit Google on your way to the bay...

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    Palo Alto

    California, USA
    50 reviews

    I'm crazy about Tacolicious. and while I loved the location in downtown Palo Alto the tacos weren't as tasty as the Mission Street one.

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    Menlo Park

    California, USA
    41 reviews

    Who knew Menlo Park got New England-worthy fall colors? One more reason why this sleepy Silicon Valley community continues to surprise me. Plus, the boutique shops and restaurants on the Santa Cruz main drag are quite impressive.

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    Santa Clara

    California, USA
    16 reviews

    One of the most historic cities in the South Bay. Home to Santa Clara University, the Mission and the future home of the San Francisco 49ers. They messed up on downtown here. Currently City Hall is located out of the way off Harrison St and the rest of the real downtown is over on Main Street and Homestead. You'd never ...

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    California, USA
    15 reviews

    This is suburbia! Limited late night hang outs. But its home :)

  • 9

    San Mateo

    California, USA
    13 reviews

    Excellent place to live! Wonderful restaurants and much more space for your buck than SF!

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    California, USA
    5 reviews

    Milpitas is an allright city. It's a pretty decent place to live, if they only improved the downtown a bit it'd be then a great place to be.

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    San Carlos

    California, USA
    3 reviews

    I'm in love with the Bay Area and especially the peninsula, so this is surely biased. Clean, and safe city with a lot of wealth floating around. Nice shops and close to freeways, easy to navigate.

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    Redwood City

    California, USA
    12 reviews

    I have fallen in love with Redwood City over the last year. I have visited 5-6 times and the weather has been fantastic. Nice, clear skies in the mornings, and in the winter there's a fine chill. The perfect weather for cozy PJ's, and a lighting the fireplace. Great plazas to shop, friendly residents, access to freeways, many parks available ...

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    California, USA
    13 reviews


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    California, USA
    7 reviews
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    California, USA
    12 reviews


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    California, USA
    6 reviews

    Millbrae is a nice place to stop before making it all the way to San Francisco Airport if you have some time to kill. I fuel up my rental car then go to In 'n Out Burgers.

  • 17

    Los Altos

    California, USA
    4 reviews


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    California, USA
    7 reviews

    Livermore is about 30 minutes away from Oakland without traffic and gets really hot in the summer. Its a great place to check out local wineries, it's a hidden gem that gets overlooked.

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    California, USA
    13 reviews

    Who knew this was such a nice place??? Its only about a 20 minute odd drive from SJ and it's just so nice. Dont get me wrong, I dont know about moving here but I love theri downtown. And it's kind of in the middle of everything in that area, the trivalley area. Did I mention they have a downtown? ...

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    Portola Valley

    California, USA
    1 review
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