Newington Cropsey Foundation

49 Washington Avenue, Hastings On Hdsn, NY, United States
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  • 1
    0.1 mi

    Slices Inc

    0.1 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    1 review

    This is the best New York City style pizza in Westchester County -- bar none. They have great traditional, neighborhood pizza, and really inventive specialty pizzas. Our family goes here regularly.

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  • 2
    0.42 mi

    Harvest on Hudson

    0.42 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
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  • 3
    3.37 mi

    Red Hat on the River

    3.37 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    1 review
  • 4
    2.22 mi

    The 9W Market

    2.22 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    1 review

    A find! A very unassuming place on 9W with cycles, motorcycles an Porches out front and fantastic outdoor seating. Great food, halfway between the George Washington Bridge and Nyack. A major stop for the many cyclists on the NYC-Nyack weekend escape, with fantastic food choices ranging from egg sandwiches, cupcakes, ahi tuna, chicken Parmesan sandwiches and avocado salads. Close to ...

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  • 5
    1.26 mi

    Half Moon

    1.26 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    1 review

    The roast duck is so good! Chinese style with baby broccoli. Went there in a heavy rainy day, could not even tell if it was a river or the sea. Enjoyed watching the heavy rain pouring in such dark rainy night. The restaurant is dim too, so perfect for such environment.

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  • 6
    1.96 mi


    1.96 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    1 review

    I am a frequent bruncher at Felix.... great location in SoHo

  • 7
    13.18 mi

    Red Rooster

    13.18 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation

    Probably the most fun dining experience I have had in New York. Start with the Red Rooster punch. The bartenders are really nice and helpful. Don't order the Swedish meatballs. They are bland and not like your typical Swedish meatballs. Instead get the mac and cheese. It is not boring like I thought it would be. The sweet potato donuts ...

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  • 8
    15.14 mi

    Cafe Lalo

    15.14 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    14 reviews

    You know the Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routine about how a kid's entire life's focus until about nine years old is about candy -- how to get more, where to get more, when they'll get more? Coming to Cafe Lalo is like being a kid in the proverbial candy store, no matter your age. I don't think there's a sugary treat ...

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  • 9
    15.26 mi

    Zabar's & Company

    15.26 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    9 reviews

    You have to love Zabar's. It is a NY institution and there is something here for everyone. One of my two favorite grocery stores in the city (the other is Fairway Market -- just a few blocks away). A great place to order or pick up NY food gifts. Somehow less commercial and more authentic than Dean & Deluca.

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  • 10
    13.15 mi


    13.15 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation

    I can’t say anything bad about Sylvia’s. The food is great and it’s a nice change from typical NYC dining. That said, they seem to have lost some luster as they became the “it spot” for soul food. I’m still rooting for them!

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  • 11
    15.24 mi

    Wafels & Dinges

    15.24 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation

    Wafels & Dinges serves up some of the tastiest waffles in New York thanks to its waffle food truck. I had the Bobby Flay throwdown. It was the waffle Bobby Flay made for a food competition against Wafel & Dinges. He ultimately lost, but Wafel & Dinges graciously included his peanut butter powdered sugar waffle on their menu. I loved ...

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  • 12
    13.64 mi

    Amy Ruth's Restaurant

    13.64 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation

    Sides really make the meal, along with the friendly service. Okra, cheesy grits, mac n' cheese, candied yams - yum! Lesson learnt though; best to avoid sugary sides if you're going to have honey-dipped chicken.. lest you want a type-2 diabetes inducing sugar hit. The Sugar Hill beer great too :)

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  • 13
    15.24 mi

    Carbone Ristorante

    15.24 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    4 reviews

    This place brings back the essence of an old school fine dining experience, but somehow keeps it fresh and fun. You've got to love the waiters in tuxedos, the caesar salad prepared table side, and the antique silver dessert trolleys -- they just really nailed it.

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  • 14
    12.76 mi

    Dinosaur Bar B Que

    12.76 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation

    If you have a hankering for BBQ, or if you’re looking to appease a large group of hungry fellow travelers, Dinosaur can hit the spot. I wasn’t in love with the food, but the experience is fun.

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  • 15
    15.34 mi


    15.34 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    5 reviews

    Nice breakfast option on Amsterdam a block from the 79 St. metro stop (1 line). It is a bit over priced but the interior is warm, and the staff is friendly. While there are better breakfast options, Nice-Matin is totally acceptable

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  • 16
    15.24 mi

    The Darby NYC Restaurant

    15.24 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    5 reviews

    This place almost missed the list ... but only because they just opened the week before I arrived. This will for sure be the biggest celebrity hangout in NY. Below the now-famous Darby Supper Club, this is the perfect room to be seen AND to be hidden. Cameron Diaz and A-Rod and Leo have already been there, and it’s only ...

  • 17
    14.92 mi

    Mermaid Inn

    14.92 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    4 reviews

    if you like seafood, Mermaid Inn is the place for you. They have a great selection of oysters, crabs cakes, grilled fish, tacos... and it's really yummy!

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  • 18
    15.18 mi

    Organic Avenue

    15.18 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    4 reviews

    This place has the best juices, raw foods, and health supplements. They operate less on trend, and more on what's going to provide the best health to their cosumers. With yummy concoctions, reusable grocery bags, and a raw chocolate mousse, made from avocado that will make your mouth melt, 5 stars all the way!

  • 19
    14.75 mi

    Carmine's Restaurant

    14.75 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    4 reviews

    you should go with a crowd, there is only huge family style portions here and no 1/2 size. salad was wonderful, field greens with balsamic and gorgonzola, cherry tomatoes, walnuts and cranberries. Pasta was very unremarkable, but very good bread with all meals. Waiter was nice enough, but you could tell he had been doing his job for 30++ years. ...

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  • 20
    14.2 mi

    Sal and Carmine's Pizza

    14.2 mi from Newington Cropsey Foundation
    4 reviews

    Honestly, I didn't even care about the calories. I could probably die happy on this pizza. So delicious.

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