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      1. Bada Imambara - the room structure Labyrinth .
      2.Chotta Imambara & few other surrounding structures.
      4.La Martin ere school
      5.Ambedkar park
      and many others

      Must eat
      1. World famous - Tundey Ke Kebab (its a small shop, but the food is delecious)
      2. Prakash ki Kulfi
      3. Non Veg is what Lucknow famous for, you would be satiated.

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    • arpit mishra commented on this list

      It takes almost 10 hours from Delhi via Bus, You can board a UPSRTC multi Axial AC bus which are between 7 - 9:30 Pm from Delhi. Advanced booking can be made from online site.

      Best way is to take Shatabdi train from which starts at 6:30am from New Delhi Station and gets you to Lucknow by 12:30pm. The journey is best suggested.

      Frequent trains are available on New Delhi- Lucknow route.

      P.S - Prefer Trains to Bus.

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    • Pro 2014
      Matthew Crompton recommended New Delhi
      I love Delhi. It's a dusty, polluted, trash-filled and abject place. It's a nightmare tangle of traffic and poverty, complaining rickshaw-wallahs and sketchy Kashmiris selling ersatz hashish. The air ... read more
      is so bad that they say living here takes ten years off your life, and you'll be damned if it doesn't seem it by the end of your 3rd day here. But you know what? - Delhi's got CHARACTER. And character, as a wise man once said, goes an awful long way. As you wander through the twisting bazaars of old Delhi, eat rich Mughali lamb curries and chana masala with piping hot naan, tour stunning medieval tombs and forts lying in the middle of the city's sprawling modern chaos, and generally soak up the conflicting, incomparable ambiance of this most Indian metropolis, you'll find it's awfully hard not to leave impressed.
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      Matthew Crompton

      There is no shortage of trains heading from Delhi to Lucknow (literally a dozen different options on a daily basis). The journey runs between seven-and-a-half to nine hours, so you can choose to travel either during the day (for example train 12236, the Rajdhani Express, which you can take in a chair class, departing 09.30 and arriving 17.25), or overnight sleeper in 2AC or 3 AC class (for example train 13484, departing 21.50 and arriving 07.20). Most trains travel during the day, and leave from conveniently located New Delhi station (where there is also a foreigners' ticket office upstairs which is helpful for last-minute bookings), but some also depart from Delhi station in Old Delhi. I would probably reco a daytime trip from New Delhi station. The Rajdhani Express is an excellent option. Check it out for yourself here:

    • SarnathSarnath, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
    • Sahi River View GuesthouseAssi Ghat, Bhelpura, Varanasi, India

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