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  • 1

    San Francisco

    California, USA
    1962 reviews

    Nice city!! It's good for living here. Especially for tech people. This is one of my favorite city on earth!

  • 2

    San Diego

    California, USA
    645 reviews

    San Diego has some of the best weather period. Almost always sun shine yet isn't too hot or humid, it rarely get rainstorm. Crime rate is general low except closer to the border. But in general here is cool and a hips. I am not a fan of their parking and hotel rate which I think is overpriced. Overnight parking ...

  • 3

    Las Vegas

    Nevada, USA
    2071 reviews

    How can you not love Vegas?! The party & energy never stops! Shopping, gambling, shows, museums, street performers, & so much to see and do within walking distance. The nightlife is spectacular and the restaurants ate fabulous! Wether you're a luxury or budget traveler, Vegas has fun in store for you!

  • 4

    Los Angeles

    California, USA
    500 reviews

    Los Angeles Loud, brash and glitzy, these are words long associated with the city of big money, big stars and big movies. LA is the kind of place where people mind their own business, where nobody wants to know yours. The city can be difficult to decode. But to those in the know, LA is best interpreted as a collection ...

  • 5


    Hawaii, USA
    296 reviews

    An amazing city in the heart of Oahu. With beaches bordered by high rises, this city has a little bit of everything. The food is worth writing home about, the nightlife is the best in Hawaii, and the surf and waves are great along Waikiki Beach. There are plenty of historical landmarks, tours, and fun things to do for all ...

  • 6


    Texas, USA
    259 reviews

    Feel that? Yeah, that crisp tingle around your nose and the chilly bite attacking your fingers--it's chilly in Austin and everyone is looking for ways to stay warm. We Austinites are known for our love of outdoor activities, but what does one do once the temperature drops below our beloved 80+ degrees and down into the upper 30s? (I saw ...

  • 7


    Washington, USA
    608 reviews

    Buy last-minute backpacking supplies at REI Seattle Flagship store before embarking on that trip to nearby Olympic National Park. Pacific Crest Trail, a conglomerate of state park and rails-to-trails efforts spanning the West Coast takes several weeks to complete but is well worth the effort.

  • 8

    New Orleans

    Louisiana, USA
    430 reviews

    One of the best cities to visit in America. Full of culture and history, you will never be bored there. We also owe it to the people of NOLA to support their local economy.

  • 9


    726 reviews

    It's a big and busy city of Canada. It is very much the financial city of Canada. There is not much tourist things to do, but a very nice place to explore.

  • 10


    Oregon, USA
    238 reviews

    I’m convinced that the only reason every liberal in America hasn’t moved to Portland is because of its nine months of rain. Otherwise, there’s almost nothing not love. It’s a well-designed, ecologically friendly, forward thinking city with gorgeous trees and parks and hiking trails and mountains, quirky and interesting shops and restaurants, phenomenal art, a variety of thriving subcultures, effortless ...

  • 11


    Florida, USA
    113 reviews

    Beautiful place full of sun, attractions, and people from all over just wanting to have a good time. Very laid back and relaxed.

  • 12


    Massachusetts, USA
    254 reviews

    Boston, "the walking city," has something offer everyone. Great food, rich history, sports and entertainment this is one of my favorite cities.

  • 13

    Walt Disney World Resort

    Florida, USA
    215 reviews

    Walt Disney World is its own universe. If you can, stay at one of the resorts and use the free transportation system to get around. Everything is set up to be easy, including spending money—your room key doubles as a charge card. Don't want to buy something because you don't want to carry it around? No problem because they'll deliver ...

  • 14

    Panama City Beach

    Florida, USA
    49 reviews

    breath taking and panama city has the largest dance club and the biggest arcade i ever seen on the beach

  • 15


    Florida, USA
    49 reviews

    I love going to Destin at the end of April. You have the beach all to yourself!

  • 16

    San Jose

    California, USA
    88 reviews

    I probably don't give San Jose enough credit for what it is, but the vibe of the city doesn't jive with me as much as it could've before I became a city kid. Urban sprawl are two words I just don't like placed adjacent to one another. On the upside, there are many fun places to visit in San Jose, ...

  • 17

    Myrtle Beach

    South Carolina, USA
    128 reviews

    When it's all said and done - your experience in Myrtle Beach will be shaped by the things you choose to do and the location/type of accommodations. Depending on the time of year you visit, Myrtle Beach will offer a completely different experience for each season. In the Summer, expect the normal hustle and bustle as you would with any ...

  • 18


    Florida, USA
    237 reviews

    Miami is a vibrant, energetic city, and it's the closest I've been to Havana at this point. From its symphony hall to the outdoor murals and graffiti, Miami offers visitors a cultural smorgasbord. Along with a swimsuit, be sure to pack sunscreen, because it is a sunny city. And if you like sailing, plan to get out on the water.

  • 19


    258 reviews

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  • 20


    307 reviews

    Vancouver is a world-class city and easily the most beautiful urban area in Canada. With a lot in common with it's US west coast sister cities - Portland, Seattle and San Francisco, there is just the right combination of cultural attractions with natural beauty and the lure of the great outdoors. Vancouver's a place you could spend the entire time ...

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