Number 31

31 Leeson Close, Dublin 2, Ireland
3 reviews

This is a beautiful place to stay – both of the hotel’s two buildings and the outdoor patio area are really nicely presented in a very classy, understated way. If you have an interest in modern design and/or architecture you will definitely enjoy staying here, both for its current presentation and for its history. Number 31 is a boutique-style hotel ...

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  • 61
    0.48 mi

    The Dawson Lounge

    0.48 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Great pints shoulder to shoulder !!

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  • 62
    0.75 mi

    Science Gallery

    0.75 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    The Science Gallery hosts exhibitions that function at the intersection between art and science. That's what they say, anyway. Basically, it's a space that takes all the cool parts of science and makes them available for public viewing. I'd imagine they do a lot of field trips. The events are always changing--there's no permanent collection--so you'll never see the same ...

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  • 63
    0.72 mi

    The Grand Canal Theatre

    0.72 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    The theater is the newest arrival on the 'arts scene' in Dublin, having just opened in March 2010. Everyone knows the Abbey Theatre, but if you want to get out and explore someplace new, try catching a performance here. They have an extensive lineup of performers and shows already scheduled.

  • 64
    0.59 mi

    Swenys Pharmacy

    0.59 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Sweny's Pharmacy as featured in James Joyce's Ulysses. It is still maintained and preserved as it was in Joyce's time, by an array of volunteers. You can even buy the famous lemony soap. Here you can stop by for daily readings, of some of Joyce's writings.

  • 65
    0.98 mi

    Octagon Bar

    0.98 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Although the rock ‘n roll element doesn't scream out from this sophisticated looking bar, it’s owned by the closest thing to Dublin royalty, the U2 boys. The Octagon bar is as the name suggests: 8 sided and is mirrored by a big ass octagon window directly above, allowing day and night to enter in. They're big on their classic cocktails ...

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  • 66
    0.39 mi

    The Horseshoe Bar

    0.39 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Saloon style cocktail bar in the shape of a horseshoe. It’s probably one of Dublin’s finest (and smallest) bars, and the prices match the classiness. It’s pretty magical in here and if you’re lucky you’ll meet anyone from celebs to politicians. Do drink the Guinness Mojito, it’s pretty famous in these parts (but careful, they can get pretty lethal!)

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  • 67
    0.8 mi

    Marsh's Library

    0.8 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    This was the library in Dublin I wanted to see the most as I love old books. It's tiny and full of supremely old books of every shape and size. When I visited they had an exhibit of books detailing maps and stories from when America was just being explored. The staff were even more delightful - completely willing to ...

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  • 68
    0.88 mi

    Herbert Park

    0.88 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    A lovely 32 acre park, there to be enjoyed, winter and summer. It stretches from Donnybrook to Ballsbridge lying between Clyde Road and Anglesea Road As well as a big duck pond there are acres of field areas where you play frisbee or kick a ball about, lawned areas with pretty flower beds, a rose garden as well as tennis ...

  • 69
    0.3 mi


    0.3 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Reputedly serves the best Guinness in Dublin. I used to go here as a student as it was a 'real' pub and not a trendy bar. I think it still retains the old world feel.

  • 70
    0.93 mi

    Monkstown Beach

    0.93 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    A trip on the Dart will take you to Seapoint or Monkstown for a taste of sea air. To the north of the tower you can swim at high tide. The beach is flat and shallow. To the south of the tower, it is still shallow but unless it is low tide, you must take care because there are rocks. ...

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  • 71
    0.78 mi

    4 Lombard St E

    0.78 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Rent Guarantee Ltd As a landlord or property owner, the prospect of managing your own property lets can be a time consuming and difficult process; however should you decide to appoint an agent to deal with matters on your behalf then making the decision of who to trust with your rental agreements can be just as difficult. 4 Lombard Street ...

  • 72
    0.93 mi

    Giddy Goats Tours Ireland

    0.93 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Hi I'm James and I run a small adventure tour company in Ireland here's a little bit about it. Giddy Goats Tours gets you to some of the most beautiful locations of the "Emerald Isle" while immersing yourself in Irish culture (history, music, pubs, sporting events, scenery & local people). The tours focus on being flexible, great fun and outdoor ...

  • 73
    0.99 mi

    Cows Lane Designer Mart

    0.99 mi from Number 31
    1 review
  • 74
    0.77 mi


    0.77 mi from Number 31
    1 review
  • 75
    0.98 mi

    The Workman's Club

    0.98 mi from Number 31
    2 reviews

    Live music, DJ's, arts events, showcases, excellent value in drinks and a friendly staff.

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  • 76
    0.47 mi

    The Bernard Shaw

    0.47 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    This is a bar which is host to gallery exhibitions, food and music festivals and much much more. This is the type of bar you would expect to find in Berlin. Great music all the time - expect international djs to pop by and play. Has a converted double decker bus which serves pizza. Plenty of graffitti about the place. ...

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  • 77
    0.73 mi


    0.73 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Perfect10!!!! Char grilled homemade beef burger with avocado and goats cheese

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  • 78
    0.66 mi

    Brown Thomas Dublin

    0.66 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    This is a high-end department store. I tend to bypass the tempting array of goodies, bags, cosmetics etc. on the ground floor and head straight up to the third floor to the 'shop within a shop' for my Nespresso capsules. The kitchen department on this floor sells lots of designer equipment at designer prices.

  • 79
    0.81 mi

    4 Dame Ln

    0.81 mi from Number 31
    1 review

    Fun, more modern pub on Dame Lane. The upstairs is huge, and when we were there they had a live band playing indie-pop music. They didn't have Guinness for some reason, but we somehow survived.

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  • 80
    0.65 mi

    Marks & Spencer

    0.65 mi from Number 31
    1 review
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