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Located towards the south of Bora Bora, Nunue is somewhat a part of the island’s major city of Vaitape. Still, the two areas have great individual attractions to offer excited visitors freshly arriving to the island at Vaitape Harbor. The coastal area south of Nunue, including the entire Matira Point and (to a lesser extent) Povai Bay, are without a doubt the best beaches on the main island of ... read more
Bora Bora. Not surprisingly, this area is also home to the island’s most luxurious luxury hotels, including the Intercontinental Bora Bora and the Temanuata Beach Lodge. A long list of restaurants, both within the hotels and run by local vendors, can be found in this tourist centric area. With Vaitape likely being your introductory city upon arriving to Bora Bora, the next stop should bring you to Nunue, where you will get an introduction to some of the Island’s abounding natural beauty.

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