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Wow! The food at Aldea is amazing. The mid-season appetizers, like the warm cauliflower salad, are spot on. And the seafood dishes are perfectly cooked. I would return tomorrow.


Wow! You sit at a bar around the kitchen, giving you a bird's-eye view of the magic. Without a menu ever appearing, small plates (and drinks, if you add the pairings) begin emerging from the kitchen. Fois gras peanuts, pickled quail eggs, potato skin. Nothing is what it appears. Razor clams with...

Public Restaurant

For something a little different, try kangaroo at Public. The Australia-and-New-Zealand-sourced menu features venison from New Zealand and trout from Tasmania. The food and cocktails are innovative and delicious. The candle-lit, library-style space also has a popular bar area....

Del Posto

The best Italian restaurant in NYC. The dining room feels like you have almost gone back in time, to a grander New York scene. The food transports you to Italy. The service is perfect without being overly stuffy. Note: a la carte is no longer offered in the dining room....


Aureole keeps getting better and better. Nice to have Charlie Palmer's California cuisine in NYC. The dining room feels stuffy compared to the food, and the between Bryant Park and Times Square location is horrible, but the food makes up for it.


Minimal. Elegant. Impeccable. I could go on and on praising Anita Lo's stunning Annisa. With each and every bite, it is evident how much care and precision goes into everything presented in the restaurant.

Per Se

Per Se and Thomas Keller deserve all the praise and every star they have received. Every single dish was perfect. What a truly amazing experience that I can only hope to have again one day.

Le Bernardin

Eric Ripert is a seafood god! At this special occasion restaurant, I tried seafood I had never before dared--and absolutely loved everything. An unforgettable dining experience.

Lincoln Ristorante

If you have tickets to the opera or the ballet, eat dinner at Lincoln first. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook Lincoln Center and the open kitchen. The chef used to run the kitchen at Per Se. The Italian menu changes its focused region every few months (it's currently Emilia-Romagna). The service...