Omni Parker House

60 School Street, Boston, MA 02108
10 reviews

Staying here was really a mixture of experiences. What a grant classic old hotel in a prime location, yet then come the smaller rooms, strange hallways and such. It is really an interesting hotel showcasing the grandness from a previous era. The restaurant was OK and I'm glad I got to try the original Boston Creme pie.

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    0.16 mi

    Freedom Trail

    0.16 mi from Omni Parker House
    63 reviews

    So you want to go on an absolutely awesome and great historical adventure? Do you wanna travel through the places that the beginnings of our country took root in and what it took those brave souls participating in clandestine meetings to begin down the path to what is now the United States of America. Well then get your azzz to ...

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  • 2
    0.25 mi

    Faneuil Hall

    0.25 mi from Omni Parker House
    34 reviews

    I think Faneuil Hall is on of the oldest buildings in Boston and it's definitely a tourist hot spot. Inside you can get a lot of information about what to do in Boston, there are souvenir shops etc.

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  • 3
    0.14 mi

    Old State House

    0.14 mi from Omni Parker House
    22 reviews

    I'm surprised there aren't more reviews of this place. I stayed in the Ames which was right next to the Old State house and I passed by it for four days without even bothering to look inside but just to go into the subway station or check out the store. On my last day I had some free time and ...

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  • 4
    0.12 mi

    Granary Burying Ground

    0.12 mi from Omni Parker House
    16 reviews

    I'm a complete Revolutionary War nerd. Always have been. So when I first saw the Granary Burying Ground, peeking in between the gates to see the grave of James Otis, I sort of had a fanboy moment. This is American history. This is where the stories you've read in textbooks come to life. As with the other attractions along Boston's ...

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  • 5
    0.22 mi

    Bunker Hill Bridge

    0.22 mi from Omni Parker House
    15 reviews

    Beautiful. Elegant. Stunning. Widest cable-stayed bridge in the world carries 8 lanes across Charles River. Part of "Big Dig" project. No pedestrian walkway :(

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  • 6
    0.22 mi

    Downtown Crossing

    0.22 mi from Omni Parker House
    12 reviews

    busy area in the city center. there's a Macys and lots of other shops and restaurants around

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  • 7
    0.2 mi

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Massachusetts State House

    0.2 mi from Omni Parker House
    10 reviews

    The building is nice, but the common is much more fun! Stay inside the park and take a stroll into the public gardens.

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  • 8
    0.04 mi

    Charles River

    0.04 mi from Omni Parker House
    5 reviews

    The river is shallow up by Watertown but deepens and widens as it snakes between Cambridge and Boston. This is really the heart of the city.

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  • 9
    0.04 mi

    King's Chapel

    0.04 mi from Omni Parker House
    6 reviews

    Puritans and patricians sleep in the shadow of skyscrapers. A quiet and magical spot.

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  • 10
    0.19 mi

    Robert Gould Shaw Memorial

    0.19 mi from Omni Parker House
    5 reviews

    This monument to Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Regiment is considered to be the finest Civil War monument in the United States. The 54th was the first all black regiment organized in the North during the Civil War. Colonel Shaw and many of his men died at the battle of Fort Wagner on July 18, 1863. ...

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  • 11
    0.21 mi

    Massachusetts Statehouse

    0.21 mi from Omni Parker House
    3 reviews
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  • 12
    0.12 mi

    Orpheum Theatre

    0.12 mi from Omni Parker House
    2 reviews

    I really loved the Orpheum. The venue is small, which makes the concerts seem more personal. The seating has some incline, so it's rare you have to worry about peering over someone's head. Plus I do just love how it's tucked away right in the midst of downtown Boston.

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  • 13
    0.11 mi

    George's Island

    0.11 mi from Omni Parker House
    2 reviews

    Site for the historic Fort Warren, a Civil War-era fort known for its graceful granite archways and reputed ghost, the Lady in Black. Lots of history and a big green field for picnic and children to run/walk around.

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  • 14
    0.13 mi

    Park Street Church

    0.13 mi from Omni Parker House
    1 review
  • 15
    0.14 mi

    Boston National Historical Park

    0.14 mi from Omni Parker House
    1 review

    Boston National Historical Park is part of National Park Services park unit. It includes the freedom trail and other historical sites in the downtown area of Boston. Disability Access is limited due to curb cuts and reading some of the signs on the walls of the buildings. Disability Parking is limited and its on street parking. You can spend anywhere ...

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  • 16
    0.04 mi

    Newell Boathouse

    0.04 mi from Omni Parker House
    1 review

    Debatably the most distinguished boathouse on the Charles River, the Harvard men's boathouse (the Harvard women are located just across the river and row under the Radcliffe name) is a spectacular sight. Though worn with age, the home of this storied rowing program is an excellent facility that also includes an erg room and tanks.

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  • 17
    0.17 mi

    The Tadpole Playground and the Frog Pond

    0.17 mi from Omni Parker House
    1 review

    So if you have a munchkin and they see this place, you must be one crazy parent if you can resist their begging to play and run and jump and be kids here. My munchkin was beyond super excited to have been here. She was even ok with my having said to stay only in certain areas. We had just ...

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  • 18
    0.08 mi

    Old South Meeting House

    0.08 mi from Omni Parker House
    1 review

    Honestly I find this to be a church and not a "meeting house". Then again a few hundred years ago, I am sure they were blended into the same thing. Definitely a nice spot to kewl off in the shade for a bit during the summer. The trees provide a bunch of welcome shade and thus intensify the cooling effect... ...

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  • 19
    0.15 mi

    Boston Massacre Site

    0.15 mi from Omni Parker House
    1 review

    Interesting place, you'll get there by walking the freedom trail.

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  • 20
    0.24 mi

    Post Office Square Park

    0.24 mi from Omni Parker House
    1 review

    Post Office square is in the heart of financial Boston. Hiding a large parking garage underneath, the square is a great place to bring work lunches outside when the weather is nice. Complete with beautiful arched pathways and fountains, this park has a lot going on for it's modest size.

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