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Barbara Kossy is looking for advice on Naples :

Should I stay in Naples for dinner? Where should I eat dinner?

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Jim Barton commented on this question

This is from a blog of mine because the restaurant is not in Gogobot.
If you can find this place it is well worth it. Ask a local Neopolitan.

Frederica was willing to take us out to a restaurant that she wanted to go to for a while and then give a tour of Naples in her car. The restaurant was in the Spanish Quarter and it was called Nannella. This was authentic Napoli. Waiters flying around with up to 8 dishes on their arms, lots of yelling out orders from the kitchen and the fastest service imaginable. Plates just appear right in front of you. The food was delicious! At the end of the meal Danielle was dragged into the other room by one of the waiters and he started twirling her around to the music that was playing. We were then ready for the bill and Abby was told by Frederica to yell out "eh Pasquale!" which was our server's name. He did not say it loud enough so I bellowed it out and Pasquale stopped, wandering what the hell was that. With the bill payed and a nice tip next was Frederica's tour of the city at night.

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Eric Brink commented on this question

FYI. Today's (1/13) Sunday NY Times Travel Section has a "36 Hours" Article on Naples.

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Manuela Nadin recommended Spaccanapoli
SpaccanapoliLargo Paparelle 13, 80138 Naples, Italy
It is a very curious street which cuts Naples in two. it is very long and made of three main streets. it was built by the Greeks so it is very ancient and crosses different areas of the city, one of ... read more
which, Quartieri Spagnoli, is not really recommended for tourists. In via San Gregorio Armeno there is the Market of Presepi; the characters of Presepi are hand made in small laboratories along this street. they are open all through the year, but obviously during Christmas time the became even more interesting.
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Manuela Nadin commented on this question

I've been in Naples five years ago so I cannot suggest you anything for dinner, however I suggets you trying to find something in Chiaia, which is a very alive part of Naples.

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Keane recommended Pizzeria Di Matteo
Pizzeria Di MatteoVia dei Tribunali, 94, 80138 Naples, Italy
You don't actually have to fine inside of Di Matteo to enjoy their goods. The renowned Napolitano restaurant sells a number of delicious fried items outside. Take, for example, the mouthwatering ... read more
arancini or the fried cheesy macaroni known as the croche'... O Madonna! But if you choose to dine inside, you'll get some of the best pizza in the world for just 5-6 euros per pie. Yes, the whole pie. It is amazing. This is heaven. I just came home after eating it and I want to go back now.
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Great pizza in Naples.

Keane recommended Bellini
BelliniVia Santa Maria di Costantinopoli 79/80, Naples 80138, Italy
I've only had the pizza for the road, and it is a massive portion for just 1,50 euros. It's folded and wrapped so you can eat it on the go. It's basically a whole pizza in a portable form. Be sure to ... read more
ask for it hot because, during the second visit, they gave me an unheated pizza. It was a hot day, so it actually worked better for me.
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Good to-go pizza recommended to me by a local. Make sure to get it hot.

Keane recommended Scaturchio
ScaturchioVia Cimarosa 26/28, Naples 80129 Italy
One of the best sfogliatelle I ever had. Service was friendly and the restaurant is very pretty. This location is high up in Vomero, where you can shop and catch some views as well.
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Really great bakery.

Keane recommended La Sfogliatella Mary
La Sfogliatella MaryVia Toledo 66, Naples 80134 Italy
The best sfogliatelle in Naples, according to my friend who lives here. I've had others that were as good, though not for the same price. Both types here are good, though I prefer the flaky variety. ... read more
This bakery in the Galleria also sells other local favorites like baba.
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Best sfogliatelle, best prices and most convenient location along Via Toledo at the entrance of the Galleria.

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