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  • 1

    Orange Tree Deli

    124 East Lincoln Avenue, Orange, CA
    2 reviews

    HOLY HELL BATMAN THERE IS FREE FOOD INSIDE!!! Isnt it wonderful when you get free grub due to Yelp? I absolutely love it, check me in and give me a free drink or chips or cookies... and those COOOKIES are so dayem good... lets just say... dont tell Cookie Monster about them or somebodys gonna get hurt... sadly it would ...

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  • 2

    Smokey Freds BBQ

    129 E. Collins Avenue, Orange, CA 92867
    1 review

    Ok if you do not like BBQ STFU AND GTFO. For those of you still here and reading this. I would like to take a break from my typical mindless drivel in this review. This is the story of Fred, a dude who just wants to slow cook your meat and serve you up some of his loving created tasty ...

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  • 3

    Maples Pizza & Chopankabob

    3211 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92865
    1 review

    So while on the quest for a great lunch, my coworker and I ended up here at Naples. I had first found this place while on a taco hunt and there is a taco place next door to it. However I saw the sign for pizza and was intrigued. So one day we said screw it lets get some pizza ...

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  • 4

    Lazy Dog Cafe

    1623 W Katella Ave # 212, Orange, CA
    2 reviews

    Definitely loved the corn chowder, hence the 5 stars... cant remember much else that I had here but I am a big fan of the soup... I think I had a burger with it which was just a regular standard old burger but the chowder was awesome... I loved the environment it was very fun and totally dog oriented as ...

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  • 5

    Mattern Deli Inc

    4327 East Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA
    2 reviews

    Who wants to go to German sandwich and sausage heaven? If you do, then WTF are you waiting for? Get in your car and come here... They have it all, Pork Chop Sammies, Braunschweiger Sammies, German Salami (like 10 types), at least 5-10 different types of hotdog/polish/brat/wurst sausages etc! So here is my first experience here. Lo and behold I ...

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  • 6

    Jamba Juice

    691 S Main St, #90, Orange, CA 92868
    2 reviews

    ohhhhh yeahhh I LOVE the Jamba Juice... This joint always has a friendly smiling staff, plentiful parking and is clean. You can drink your jamba here but why. its always so nice on a hot day to drink it outside if you want to stay there. The other option is to hop in your ride and keep cruising where ever ...

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  • 7

    Cortina's- Orange

    964 North Batavia Street, Orange, CA
    2 reviews

    So I got a call from my buddy Bob T to go grab a quick bite to eat with a couple of other Yelpers. Obviously I had to make time to do it, but I was on an extremely tight timeline! So while these guys got to just chill and relax, I was in and out in about 20 minutes ...

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  • 8

    Cha Thai Restaurant

    1520 W Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92868
    1 review

    Alrighty then... So I come to meet a friend for lunch at this joint and almost no one is there at 1:00 pm on a Tuesday. This seems bad and I have a bit of apprehension about eating here... Shouldnt a well rated place be slammed at lunch even if its not exactly noon? Well I go in apprehension and ...

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  • 9

    Smoqued California BBQ

    128 North Glassell Street, Orange, California
    1 review

    So I am cruising down the road in my 64 (well I can wish cant I?) Slappen da'.... WTF IS THAT O_O Whoa that crappy place beach pit BBQ has been replaced with a new BBQ joint called Smoqued! Talk about gangsta... Gotta love getting smoqued now you know... So I call up one of my homegirls and set up ...

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  • 10


    1231 W Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92868
    1 review

    So if you are cruising around town and come across Mi Casa Authentic Mexican Food, wouldn't you be interested in stopping and trying the place out? I found myself in that exact position recently. So I did... that is where my confusion set in. Confusion you ask? Well take a look at the menu, this is "authentic" mexican grub right... ...

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  • 11

    Orange Hill Restaurant

    6410 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869
    10 reviews

    This is one of the oldest restaurants in Orange County. The food consists of Steaks and Seafood. It is very upscale but the thing I love most about this restaurant is the Sunday Brunch. It is outstanding and is so good it has also become a family tradition.

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  • 12

    In-N-Out Burger

    3501 East Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA 92869-3814, United States
    5 reviews

    You can't travel to California and not enjoy a burger from In N Out! They keep the menu simple with burgers, fries, and shakes...and it's all fresh. If you like onions try them grilled, enjoy the "spread", or do a bit of research on the "secret" menu.

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  • 13

    Anepalco's Cafe

    3737 W Chapman Ave
    3 reviews

    Excellent French Mexican cuisine! Very cute ambience - everything is black and pink! I highly recommend chilaquies! Great service as well!

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  • 14


    292 N Glassell St, Orange, California
    18 reviews

    What a great concept. Waffle sandwiches. Can't believe that no one thought of this until recently. This is the location that started what has grown into a SoCal restaurant chain. It is located near Chapman University in Orange. Parking can be dicey. There are a few spots on the premises, but you will likely need to park on the street. ...

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  • 15

    Haven Gastropub

    190 S Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866
    10 reviews

    Awesome food but sometimes their service is slow! Big beer selection :)

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  • 16

    Ohshima Japanese Cuisine

    1956 North Tustin Street, Orange, CA, United States
    3 reviews

    'O' is for Ohshima and we decided to satiate our cravings for sushi in the lovely city of Orange. Our alphabet series dinner party of 6 ordered a variety of items. More importantly, I had the 8-piece omakase ($26.50; chef's choice) which was absolutely divine. Drew M. ordered the 10-piece omakase ($34) which included all of my nigiri plus toro ...

  • 17

    Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

    1625 West Katella Avenue, Orange, California
    3 reviews

    Great place 2 watch sports games because there's TV s literally everywhere you look on practically every wall that's there. Foods pretty good too & decently priced. Waitresses are walking around in sexy red irish themed attire which helps improve the scenery a bit. ;-) Pub pretzels: 3.5 stars Very soft & yummy but a little on the greasy side. ...

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  • 18

    Anepalco's Cafe

    415 South Main Street, Orange, CA, United States
    3 reviews

    I was a chilaquiles virgin and after trying it at Anepalco's for the first time, I don't think I can have it anywhere else. Curse you Anepalco for destroying any other opportunities to enjoy chilaquiles! *shakes fist vigorously* haha... but silliness aside, believe the hype! Anepalco serves the best chilaquiles. The corn tortilla chips soaked in their delicious mole concoction ...

  • 19

    Chili Pepper

    167 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868
    2 reviews

    I have been here a few times now and I gotta say: I love this place! The d├ęcor is totally over the top, very colorful, vibrant and super detailed. Somebody really put a lot of love into designing this restaurant! I also love that they have tons of real plants, and even the parking lot is cute with its cactus ...

  • 20

    Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen

    2 reviews

    A random restaurant Yelp roulette brought us to this highly rated Mexican food joint in the Orange circle. I really did not intend on having the best enchilada that I've ever had, but huzzah! The address to Gabbi's is accurate but the restaurant is without a sign. You'll only be able to spot this joint by the brick walls and ...

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