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    0.95 mi

    Banana Tree

    0.95 mi from Original London Walks
    2 reviews

    15/20; Food 8/10, Ambience 3/5, Service 4/5. Indochinese chain, with the likes of beef rendang and such that is amongst London's best. Simple in execution (think half a notch above Busaba/Wagamama), this location's pleasant decor plus decent value for money SE Asian food make it a recommendation for a delicious & quick meal.

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    0.99 mi

    Ye Olde Swiss Cottage

    0.99 mi from Original London Walks
    2 reviews

    Alright, it's not the best pub you'll ever visit - and if swanky bars are more your thing this place isn't for you. But there is a strange English charm to it. Like an old working men's club or a Royal British Legion building. Plus it's the only pub next to the Odeon so if you want a pint (or ...

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    0.95 mi

    Garden Cafe & Restaurant

    0.95 mi from Original London Walks

    Great spot in West Hampstead to grab brunch or have a lazy afternoon latte in spacious back garden. Much better for breakfasts than lunchtime/dinner items. I used to come here all the time when I lived around the corner!

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    0.45 mi

    Bombay Flame

    0.45 mi from Original London Walks
    1 review

    First time in this restaurant and it won't be the last. We went here on a Friday night. It was quiet when we arrived but slowly the place was filling up with people. The staff are excellent- always looking after us. The food was delicious. The grilled chicken and the Biryani that we had were cooked to perfection. I was ...

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    0.43 mi

    Alice House Queen's Park

    0.43 mi from Original London Walks
    1 review
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    0.85 mi

    La du du

    0.85 mi from Original London Walks
    1 review

    Pho you can trust. A casual place with authentic Vietnamese. You can slurp without embarsssment surrounded by the muced west hampstead crowd. Just next to west Hampstead tube station.

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    3.03 mi

    The Wolseley

    3.03 mi from Original London Walks
    31 reviews

    A visit to the Wolseley is a must The location is a restored luxury car showroom from the 1920s. This place has fantastic atmosphere and very good food -- a mix of British, Continental and American. We went for brunch and loved it though I'm sure it is good at other times as well.

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    2.99 mi

    Pret A Manger

    2.99 mi from Original London Walks
    34 reviews

    Cheap, fresh, and absolutely everywhere in London. It's a great way to keep yourself going even on a budget and in a rush.

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    2.88 mi


    2.88 mi from Original London Walks
    23 reviews


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    2.97 mi

    Hard Rock Cafe

    2.97 mi from Original London Walks
    24 reviews

    Used to be obsessed with Hard Rock Cafe when I was in high school. Now, I'm a little more meh about it. Sure, you can depend on reliable food there, but why go here when there are so many other more interesting places to experience? However, if there is any HRC that you should go to, it's the original one.

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    3.02 mi

    Ottolenghi - Islington

    3.02 mi from Original London Walks
    14 reviews

    After having dined here on a recent trip to London my wife and two children, I am giving this restaurant the highest rating possible. I loved everything about it: local and innovative ingredients; flavorful and healthy small dishes; fun new tastes that even through a Mediterranean lens come out fresh and novel. The atmosphere and service were great too. Interesting ...

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    3.01 mi


    3.01 mi from Original London Walks
    14 reviews

    Very cool vibe! Great selection of interesting dishes. The lobster was outstanding. Definitely check it out when in london, I will go back prior to departure.

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    2.5 mi

    The Spaniards Inn

    2.5 mi from Original London Walks
    13 reviews

    Gorgeous, old Hampstead pub with capacious outdoor seating that's great for summer. Nice food, good drinks, don't bother with the roasted almonds.

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    2.99 mi


    2.99 mi from Original London Walks
    13 reviews

    Just too good. Everything from the appetizers to the desserts is an epitome of culinary perfection. The prawns and the squibs are especially good. Don't miss out on the chocolate desserts. A three course meal for two will cost you around 50-60 pounds

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    2.91 mi

    Busaba Eathai (Wardour Street)

    2.91 mi from Original London Walks
    13 reviews

    The food was okay, I am wondering if I hit it on an off day. The soup I had was bland and definitely needed to be spiced up to be edible

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    2.44 mi

    Meat Liquor

    2.44 mi from Original London Walks
    11 reviews

    Easily one of my favourite burgers in London. Highly recommend the coleslaw and the Donkey Punch. Be prepared for massive queues on the weekend unless you go when they open. Regardless, it's definitely worth the wait.

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  • 17
    2.95 mi


    2.95 mi from Original London Walks
    10 reviews

    Wandered in here after failing to get seated at The Opera Tavern. Unpretentious, authentic, with signature octopus/calamari to savour. Couldn't tell if the cuisine was meant to be from Lombardy or the Veneto, but either would be credible.

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  • 18
    2.81 mi


    2.81 mi from Original London Walks
    10 reviews

    Black cod. Heaven.

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  • 19
    2.14 mi

    La Fromagerie

    2.14 mi from Original London Walks
    8 reviews

    Yum. Amazing artisanal foods - I came for lunch and had a smoked salmon plate that was out of this world. All local, healthy, simple foods - cheeses, etc. Coffee was just so-so.

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  • 20
    2.77 mi


    2.77 mi from Original London Walks
    9 reviews

    Consistently best Japanese in London. Interesting fusion dishes. Good wine list. Very comfortable place to eat alone if solo.

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