Ortakoy Princess Hotel

Dereboyu Caddesi. no.10, Ortakoy, Istanbul 80840, Turkey
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  • 1
    0.09 mi

    Ortaköylü Kumpir

    0.09 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel

    Kumpir is a jacket potato, mixed with lots of butter and topped with a seemingly unlimited amount of toppings. Ortakoy is the home of Kumpir in Istanbul and this small stretch has stall after stall selling them. Hard to choose which is best so just go for the one that takes your fancy -- same goes for the toppings! Follow ...

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  • 2
    0.2 mi

    Ortaköy Police Café Restaurant

    0.2 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    1 review

    Ortaköy Police Café Restaurant is managed by Istanbul Police. I had a good chance and went there by invited on a special occasionally. The restaurant has a spectacular views of the Bosphorus. The facility of Ortaköy Police Café Restaurant are a VIP lounge, restaurant, bakery and tea garden sections. Foods and services are excellent. However, I'm not quite sure that ...

  • 3
    0.9 mi

    Assk Cafe

    0.9 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    3 reviews

    Wonderful place for breakfast or lunch.

  • 4
    0.9 mi

    Ismet Baba Restoran

    0.9 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    2 reviews

    Ismet Baba is in the Üsküdar district, on the Asian side of the city, a short ferry crossing from Besiktas or Eminönü. Restaurants in Istanbul are spoiled with options for fresh seafood. It seems every neighborhood has at least one decent fish restaurant. But most are mere copies of places like Ismet Baba, where traditions have been kept sacred for ...

  • 5
    0.76 mi

    Mia Mensa

    0.76 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    1 review

    right next to more famous assk kahve - same view but nicer staff (and a v nice mgr) - had brunch which was thorougly enjoyable

  • 6
    2.83 mi

    360 Istanbul

    2.83 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel

    One of the most glamorous spots in the city, 360 offers it all: restaurant, bar, and dance club in a chic space that overlooks all of Istanbul. Come for sunset and stay until sunrise.

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  • 7
    2.27 mi

    Maiden's Tower

    2.27 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    12 reviews

    Most tourists don't know what it is but they usually recognize the small tower in the middle of the Bosporus. Originally constructed during the ancient Greek period to monitor traffic on the Bosphorus, the tower has been enlarged and rebuilt by various empires. Today the tower is a fine dining restaurant with one of the most spectacular views of the ...

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  • 8
    3.87 mi


    3.87 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel

    A kind of Istanbul gelateria, Mado has some of the city's better ice cream.

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  • 9
    3.45 mi

    Fish Kebab -- CLOSED

    3.45 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    10 reviews

    lots of onion but the fish is fresh and atmosphere amazing

  • 10
    3.98 mi

    Pierre Loti

    3.98 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    9 reviews

    Great views of Istanbul

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  • 11
    1.49 mi

    Zuma Restaurant

    1.49 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    6 reviews

    Ever since dining at Zuma for our first anniversary, my wife and I have made a point of making our anniversary dinner the most extravagent meal we eat each year. While I was in Istanbul, writing for Time Out magazine, Istanbul won the Time Out Food and Drink Award for best new restaurant in 2008. Set right on the Bosphorus ...

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  • 12
    2.85 mi

    Saray Muhallebicisi

    2.85 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    6 reviews

    Another popular chain specializing in desserts. Go here for the baklava and other pastries, but go to Mado for ice cream.

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  • 13
    2.86 mi


    2.86 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    7 reviews

    Even if you don't smoke, it's worth trying the hookah at least once. Turkish hookah bars enjoy a laid back vibe, with Turks puffing away and the sound of bubbling filling the air. The smell is fragrant as most hookah tobacco is flavored. I prefer coffee but I've tried peach, grape and strawberry. Tophane is more of a neighborhood than ...

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  • 14
    3.69 mi

    Hamdi Restaurant

    3.69 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    6 reviews

    The food was amazing. The atmosphere was nice. And the view is even better.

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  • 15
    2.92 mi

    Karakoy Gulluoglu

    2.92 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel

    This is a famous baklava place, and rightfully so. We went in not really knowing what to do and a nice man working there helped us out, picking our baklava types for us. It was delightful.

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  • 16
    2.95 mi

    Canim Cigerim

    2.95 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    5 reviews

    My wife I discovered Canim Cigerim when we were teaching English in Taksim; our students actually brought us there and we were immediately hooked. At Canim Cigerim you ask for the basic dinner. You sit at a table and they bring you roasted tomatoes, onions and plates of greens like mint and arugala. The main course is a seemingly endless ...

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  • 17
    3.08 mi

    Kale Café

    3.08 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    4 reviews

    The food here is Yummy. Plus the location is very far from tourists. Sorta place where locals hang out. For vegetarians, their potato pancakes are good and ofcourse tea!

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  • 18
    2.64 mi

    Inci Pastanesi

    2.64 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel

    Well, sadly, as I am writing this, I found out that this amazing bakery which had been around since the 1940's, has been forced out of their historical location to make way for more cookie-cutter, characterless modern stores, in an area well on it's way to erasing any cultural context and becoming one more giant strip-mall of the world. Ok, ...

  • 19
    3.85 mi

    Hafiz Mustafa

    3.85 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    4 reviews

    Great pastry shop. Best variety of Baklava and Turkish delights and lots of other nice sweet stuff to try.

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  • 20
    3.76 mi

    Green Corner Cafe Restaurant

    3.76 mi from Ortakoy Princess Hotel
    4 reviews

    Great casual place for food, drinks, hookah. Outdoor setting, really friendly staff. We stayed for hours chatting and relaxing here. Right by Hagia Sophia and lots of other sites.

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