Orvieto Underground

Piazza Duomo, 23
11 reviews

The Orvieto Underground tour is really cool, is certainly something you must do while visiting the city. The hour long guided walk (they have guides that speak english and other languages) around the caves is really interesting and will impress you with some facts from medieval times. The feeling of walking around tiny corridors and stairs will transport you back ...

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  • 41
    32.01 mi

    Travel Bloggers Unite

    Via Porziuncola, Assisi, Italy
    32.01 mi from Orvieto Underground
    3 reviews

    Amazing conference with smart, savvy and hilarious humans.

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  • 42
    22.37 mi

    53043 Chiusi SI

    53043 Chiusi SI, Italia
    22.37 mi from Orvieto Underground
    3 reviews

    The old town, set on a panoramic hill, has beautiful museums and a charming Cathedral.

  • 43
    30.67 mi

    Life...Italian Style

    Via del Convitto, 28
    30.67 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews

    Yes, I'm biased - it's me... Cooking classes and eno-gastronomical tours of Umbria including wine tasting, cycling, horseback riding & more! Please contact me at: or for more information. A presto!

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  • 44
    23.48 mi

    Scuola d'Arte Ceramica Romano Ranieri

    Via Tiberina Sud, 330, 06053 Deruta Province of Perugia, Italy
    23.48 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews

    It's great to immerse yourself in the Italian tradition of ceramic making at this world famous scuola. You can reserve for a morning or afternoon session to learn simple painting techniques, or check in for a longer stay to get expert instruction for molding and firing pottery. Best of all, you're in the inspirational town of Deruta, where the art ...

  • 45
    26.86 mi

    MUVIT - Museo del Vino - Fondazione Lungarotti

    Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 31, 06089 Torgiano, Italia
    26.86 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews

    Fantastic overview of the mediterranean culture of wine...exploring the MUVIT collections i was guided by curiosity and the pleasure of discovery. A fascinating voyage covering 5000 years of history.

  • 46
    25.43 mi

    Pitigliano GR

    Pitigliano GR, Italia
    25.43 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews
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  • 47
    21.29 mi

    Paciano medieval fortified village

    21.29 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews

    this is my village, the name comes from pax of God Giano because it is a paradise of peace!

  • 48
    34.9 mi

    San Quirico

    53027 San Quirico SI, Italia
    34.9 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews
  • 49
    32.09 mi


    Pienza SI, Italia
    32.09 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews
  • 50
    26.95 mi


    Via Mario Angeloni, 16, 06089 Torgiano Perugia, Italy
    26.95 mi from Orvieto Underground
    3 reviews

    A local one

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  • 51
    29.06 mi

    Di Filippo Azienda Agraria S.S.

    Vocabolo Conversino, 153, 06033 Cannara Perugia, Italy
    29.06 mi from Orvieto Underground
    2 reviews

    After a quick tour of Di Filippo's winemaking facilities, we were shown to a cute little tasting room where we were able to sample a surprising number (about eight) of their wines. We bought bottles of Montefalco Rosso and Sagratino to take home with us. An enjoyable afternoon in a wine region not overrun with tourists.

  • 52
    33.26 mi

    Caseificio Brufani Ubaldo Snc

    Via Los Angeles, 31, 06081 Assisi Perugia, Italy
    33.26 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review

    One of the two dueling (not really) cheesemakers in Santa Maria degli Angeli (Assisi) located right next two each other in identical palazzos. Freshly made cheeses using only Umbrian milk: Pecorino, mozzarella, ricotta, scamorza, caciotta, fresh yogurt, etc as well as some interesting cheeses from other parts Italy.

  • 53
    29.89 mi

    Paolo Bea

    Montefalco, Italy
    29.89 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review

    While Lungarotti and Caprai are the big fancy wineries of Umbria future, Paolo Bea is the slow travel winery of Umbrian past. Their opening hours are Thu-Sat 11am to ... who am I kidding? They don't have opening hours. When I was there, the grandmother came downstairs with her hair in curlers to open the door for us. But then ...

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  • 54
    23.59 mi

    Fattoria Luchetti

    via Piancardato, 23, 06050 Collazzone Perugia, Italy
    23.59 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review

    Meat lovers rejoice! This 200 acre farm has some of the best local meat available - the beautiful white Chianina, lamb, pigs including the famous "Cinta", etc... All meat is raised and butchered on site - the farm store is open Thursday - Sunday.

  • 55
    22.31 mi

    Osteria Etrusco

    22.31 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review

    Great Pizza

  • 56
    27.12 mi

    Chianciano Terme Sensoriali

    12 Via delle Rose, Chianciano Terme, Siena 53042, Italy ‎
    27.12 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review
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  • 57
    22.35 mi

    Il Buco

    22.35 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review

    Great Pizza

  • 58
    33.12 mi

    Bagno Vignoni

    53027 Bagno Vignoni SI, Italia
    33.12 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review
  • 59
    23.81 mi


    Via Cimbano 36, Castiglione del Lago, Perugia, Italy
    23.81 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review

    i love their wines and i use to go with my guests during the wine tour as i always learn something new!

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  • 60
    22.59 mi


    Pg Picasso, 21 08018
    22.59 mi from Orvieto Underground
    1 review

    Beautiful Building in Parc de la Ciutadella, built for the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition. During the exhibition it was used as a pavilion and afterwards, the building recovered its original function. A massive structure with interesting design and brickwork.

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