Papanani's Deli

1450 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA, United States
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    Papanani's (Italian for Grandpa and Grandma, combined) is a deli on the Boat Harbor on Harbor Island. It is situated halfway between the two separate Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina Towers, and is frequented by boat owners and hotel guests alike. It is not owned by Sheraton. It is currently under new ownership from the Papanani's original owners. Sam Rahin, a beautiful woman with lots of personality bought this place on Easter 2007 and revived it from a comatose existance.

    It is a large shack of a deli with tables inside and outside facing the boat harbor. They serve full breakfasts, lunch sandwiches hot or cold, chips, drinks, etc. I tried the Chicken Panini sandwich, served hot, and breakfast sandwich. Both were pretty good. No items are over $10, so this is a casual place to dine before or after your sailing excursion, or halfway through your excursion from the Marina Tower and Bay Towers of the Sheraton Hotel.

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