3650 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA
3 reviews

Nice place. The staff were very nice and helpful and the food was good. They have pretty big portions too!

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    0.09 mi

    Hillcrest San Diego

    3754 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.09 mi from Pappalecco
    6 reviews

    A lot of character! Great food, entertainment, n gay friends. :)

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    0.1 mi


    3766 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.1 mi from Pappalecco
    4 reviews

    Billed as a wine bar this place has a little bit of everything. Half the place has sandwhiches and cakes and then on the other side there is a bar. They do brunch on the weekends and are always PACKED on Sundays.

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    0.24 mi

    Balboa Park Trails

    3563 7th Ave, San Diego, California
    0.24 mi from Pappalecco
    3 reviews

    We are here to hand out flyers for the San Diego rescue mission. If I lived closer I'd bring the kids here all the time.

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    0.21 mi

    Buffalo Exchange

    3862 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.21 mi from Pappalecco
    2 reviews

    Woohoo to major Leather Search score here at Location F. Hope regained. Discovery: A pro of being a great walker versus being a great driver/parker is surprise detours. After parking 3 quarter miles away because parking on 5th Ave is hell, I made an unexpected stop at Buffalo Exchange. Jean-wise, I didn't love the selection. I also have too many ...

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    0.21 mi


    3849 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.21 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    Vintage second-hand clothing store in Hillcrest. They have some really interesting items for Halloween!

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    0.09 mi


    3610 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.09 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    When I got there it was around 7 pm on a Wednesday and there were a few dozen people. It was a very chill atmosphere. Our group was in the pool table corner and everyone else sat around the bar area. Amanda G bought me a gin and tonic. It was only $2 that night! Some nice pre-party mingling and ...

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    0.23 mi

    Mint Shoes

    525 University Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.23 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    Mint is a big hit with this guy. I know shoes, and have a great love for them. Shoes are just damn sexy. No two ways about it. It's really about the shoes and the watch. What can you know about someone from just their shoes... and... their watch? A lot I contend. Call me old school, fine, but it's ...

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    0.92 mi

    San Diego Zoo

    2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego, CA 92101-1646
    0.92 mi from Pappalecco
    464 reviews

    This world-famous zoo has enough species to please even the pickiest of animal-lovers in your family. This makes for a great first or last stop on a tour of the many opportunities to see California's wildlife along the coast.

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    0.52 mi

    Trader Joe's

    1090 University Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.52 mi from Pappalecco
    5 reviews

    How can you not love Trader Joe's? So many wonderful, healthy, and affordable options. The store is always clean, well stocked and items are always fresh! You can always find something new here that will make you look like Rachael Ray in the kitchen! Parking is sometimes tough but well worth a wait!

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    0.85 mi

    The Atomic Bazaar

    3816 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.85 mi from Pappalecco
    2 reviews

    After driving all over San Diego looking for the top mid-century modern furniture shop, Atomic Bazaar was one of our faves. Inhabiting the vintage Egyptian Theatre, this friendly reseller has value-priced pieces if you're a Danish Modern design freak. Don't see what you're looking for? Ask to see if they maybe have it in stock at the off-site warehouse. High ...

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    0.51 mi

    Spruce Suspension Bridge

    San Diego, California
    0.51 mi from Pappalecco
    3 reviews

    One of the oldest sites to see in San Diego.

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    0.52 mi

    The Yoga Factory

    1228 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 ‎
    0.52 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    SD's first ever Antigravity® Aerial Yoga studio, The Yoga Factory was born in the neighborhood of Hillcrest. Offering a mixture of traditional Yoga classes & Yoga with a bit of a twist, TYF has two studio rooms and over 5000 sq. to allow for never crowded classes while accommodating a large community. Their welcoming atmosphere helps even the newest of ...

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    1.0 mi

    San Diego City Unified School District Police Department

    4100 Normal Street, San Diego, CA
    1.0 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review
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    0.78 mi


    220 Dickinson Street, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.78 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    One of the advantages of living in San Diego is UCSD research. There are four locations to get the Early Test, which can detect HIV infection as early as one week after exposure. While tradition HIV testing like the Rapid Test detects HIV by detecting antibodies, the Early Test detects infection by detecting the virus. One can get both tests ...

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    0.87 mi

    San Diego Lawn Bowling Club

    3020 Zoo Dr, San Diego, California
    0.87 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    One of a only a few courts in San Diego. Real grass. Free lesson offered plus many times you can come out and play against others. Very nice group of people. Very well groomed rink.

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    0.4 mi

    Hillcrest Ace Hardware

    1007 University Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.4 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    Because I'm a terrible parallel parker, I go to events and dates way head of time and have to find ways to amuse myself. I amused myself for an hour or so in this store. I flipped through gardening books. Looked at nick-nacks (candles, soaps, plants, fountains, household decorations/decor, etc.). It's not your normal hardware store. It's a HILLCREST hardware ...

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    0.49 mi

    CorePower Yoga

    1080 University Avenue, San Diego, CA
    0.49 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    I love taking Corepower classes; the Hillcrest studio is not the biggest but it has fantastic teachers and parking isn't at tough as some other locations. The classes offered are for all levels. Membership is a huge perk for savings if you are an avid yogi, plus you can visit any studio in San Diego (there are many!). If you ...

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    0.4 mi

    The Postal Place

    1010 University Avenue c113, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.4 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    My go-to spot for sending mail and packages. These guys (and gals) are the best!

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    0.26 mi

    Marston House

    3525 7th Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States
    0.26 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    We came here on a whim because we didn't feel like leaving San Diego yet to go back to the OC. Parking was a bit difficult, since there was Earth Day fair going on at Balboa Park next door but we eventually found one close by :) We didn't do the indoor tour and had fun walking around the gardens ...

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    0.94 mi

    Old Ferry Landing Shopping Center

    1st Avenue, Coronado, CA
    0.94 mi from Pappalecco
    1 review

    Most people prefer the sprawling beaches and street life of the ocean side of Coronado, but I favor the bay side. The Old Ferry Landing shopping center sits here, a humble village-like plaza reminiscent of simpler times. The casual beach atmosphere permeates everything here, from the laid-back surf huts to homemade jewelry and sundresses on display outside tiny shops. Grab ...

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