Park Hyatt Seoul

995-14 Daechi 3-Dong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul 135-502, South Korea
8 reviews

This luxury hotel is located in a glass skyscraper in the financial district of Gangnam, so it's a great choice for business travelers, though it is quite a drive to get to the designer/shopping area of Gangnam and the historical sights in the city. At least taxis in Seoul are cheap, and there's a subway station right outside the lobby, ...

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    0.18 mi


    0.18 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review
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    0.63 mi

    스타벅스 대치점

    0.63 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    2 reviews
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    0.3 mi

    Coffee Sedona

    0.3 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    2 reviews

    Loved the unique interior of this place. The owner of this coffee shop is a very interesting person himself (I've heard). If you are looking for a nice and cozy coffee shop in COEX, don't go far, find Coffee Sedona. They have several seminar room, rented out 10,000 won per person, including beverage.

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    0.35 mi

    Sichuan House

    0.35 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review

    Luxury style Sichuanese food restaurant. Located right near Samsung station (metro line 2), it is now one of the local's favourite. Food is quite good. Little bit pricy but the service is excellent. Dessert was very impressive, pepper icecream. The combination of dark chocolate and spicy pepper was very unique.

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    0.35 mi


    0.35 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review

    Short for GOod Meat CuisINE, GOMcine is located a few hundred meters from exit 2 of Gangnam Station. While the menu is quite good across the board, the real draw here is the sogogi samgyeopsal (beef belly), paper-thin strips of perfectly tender marinated beef, cooked over a charcoal brazier at your table. At 9000W per serving, it's a steal, though ...

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    0.6 mi

    Marohwajeok 광양불고기 마로화적

    0.6 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review

    One of my favourites for Bulgogi, marinated thin slices of sirloin (though some places also offer it as chicken or pork too) with a taste not dissimilar to teriyaki. All of the beef served here is grass fed, so wonderfully tender. BBQs are made of twisted copper wire, rather than the griddles favoured by so many of the more mass ...

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    0.4 mi

    미스터피자코엑스1호점 Mr. Pizza COEX 1st Shop

    0.4 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review

    Mister Pizza is one of the better pizza chains in Korea. They probably use real cheese, and the toppings are really good.

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    4.33 mi

    Vatos Urban Tacos

    4.33 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    4 reviews

    Great place to grab some chips and dip, tacos, and craft beer before heading out on the town. However get here early on the weekend or the wait will be over an hour.

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  • 9
    4.41 mi

    Braai Republic

    4.41 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    3 reviews

    Best place to eat in Seoul!!! You must eat at this South African restaurant. It's lamb chops and garlic mash is to die for!!!

  • 10
    4.34 mi


    4.34 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    3 reviews

    Bulgarian in Korea? you betcha. This is one of the BEST restaurants in the entire peninsula and a wonderful place for a special occasion.

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  • 11
    1.38 mi


    1.38 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul

    Korea takes Dunkin Donuts to another level. They have some tasty gourmet donuts made of rice, sweet potato and black sesame. So tasty! They also serve hot breakfast sandwiches here.

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    2.34 mi


    2.34 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    2 reviews

    This is a good korean bbq place. I been to another place before, and I think the food is just a bit better, but was 2,5 times more expensive. So I think Nongoljip is the best deal I found, of quality and price. I been there with friends and a korean friend who ordered everything. The restaurant is cute and ...

  • 13
    2.24 mi

    Hell Pizza

    2.24 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    2 reviews

    As I had hoped (I've had Hell Pizza in New Zealand), the pizza was great! They forgot to put blue cheese on our pizza, but we didn't say anything until we were almost finished. They offered to make it over, but we said no, so they gave us a cup full of blue cheese, and then made us another pizza, ...

  • 14
    2.43 mi


    2.43 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul

    Buccella is a sandwich and salad place. They are located next to "green street" next to sinsa metro station. I had a good (normal) beef sandwich, so thats why only 3 starts, I expected more of the food. Prices of sandwiches goes from 6.000 to 11.000 won. The place has a really nice atmosphere though. I heard is really good ...

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    2.19 mi

    Dos Tacos

    2.19 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    2 reviews

    Casual, Mexican, small-chain restaurant. If I want to grab something quick I often go here as it has several vegetarian burrito options which can also easily be made vegan and the service is prompt. Try their refried bean and broccoli burrito or, if you’re a bit hung-over, their potato burrito with added egg. They have various locations in Sinchon, Hyewha, ...

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    2.06 mi


    2.06 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    2 reviews

    ‘Gangnam Style’ definitely has a veggie/vegan edge. For example, take this bakery which bakes real western style bread (i.e. without sugar, cream or sweet-corn added). It has several vegan options, clearly labelled, and although it's pricey, if you go late in the evening they massively reduce the price of the bread so you can stock up.

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    2.37 mi

    Coffee Smith | 커피스미스

    2.37 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul

    Even if it isn't my favorite coffee in Seoul, it is my favorite spot.

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  • 18
    4.23 mi

    Smokey Saloon @Itaewon 본점 Seo

    4.23 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review

    Best American food in Seoul. Hamburgers mmmmmmmm.

  • 19
    4.8 mi

    Jacoby's Burger

    4.8 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review

    Jacoby's Burger serves high-quality, Australian Wagyu beef burgers. Prices run around 10,000-15,000 Won for a burger. The burger quality is the best I've had in Seoul.

  • 20
    1.32 mi


    1.32 mi from Park Hyatt Seoul
    1 review

    Good foods, Good mood, Excellent Coffee and very kind staff..

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