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    • Fiston Gustave recommended selena
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    • Fiston Gustave recommended Kigali
      Come and enjoy place with us!!!! University,.....
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      Fiston Gustave

      Cheapest hotels,best places,best restaurants, ...

    • African Trails Overland Safaris28 Grange St., Bare, Morecambe, Lancs LA4 6BW United Kingdom
      Summer Wilms recommended African Trails Overland Safaris
      It is hard for the average person to experience anything quite so diverse and unique as a big African overland trip. I chose African Trails because I loved the fact that you didn't get taken on a ... read more
      tour, you were part of it. You cook and go into the local markets to shop. You don't fly from game park to game park and get the "censored version" of Africa. You get a range of angles. You don't have someone dictating your every last move for you. Lunches are up to you as are most of the activities. Africa is not an easy place to travel but having the camaraderie of a group but the freedom to stray a bit makes it a great option for those who are used to traveling independently as well as for inexperienced travelers who have no desire to be babysat but want to learn the ropes of world travel. There are a ton of different trip options. I should know as I did just about all of them. I began my experience with African Trails as an enthusiastic passenger but ended up becoming a crew member for nearly five years. So yes, I am biased, but I still look back on that first four week trip I did and recall it as one of the best things I have ever done.
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      Summer Wilms

      Hey Pax! I've done almost that same journey a couple times. For at least part of the trip, an overland company like African Trails, Oasis, or Dragoman would definitely be the way to go from Cairo, south. They had been doing Istanbul to Cape Town and vice versa but the Syria situation put a halt to that. Most companies offer several jumping-off points so you don't have to pay for the whole trip. It's your best option, for sure, traveling at least between Aswan, Egypt to Nairobi, Kenya as the logistics of public transportation, visas, etc. in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Northern Kenya take a lot of the fun out of it if you're on your own. Not all companies go as far as Kigali but they will almost definitely get you to Kisoro, at the Uganda/Rwanda border (that's where the mountain gorillas are). From there, I've taken public transport to Kigali. You might have to wait a day or two for a bus and get a taxi into Ruhengeri from Kisoro but it's pretty easy, especially if you know someone who can introduce you to a fixer or local operator.
      One piece of advice: look into getting your Ethiopian visa before leaving home. They've changed the rules and now it's a lot harder to get a visa from a neighboring country.
      Have an awesome trip!

    • Pro 2014
      Nomadic by Nature commented on this trip

      If you are open to doing it backwards, check out Summer's guide:

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