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    The Sacred Valley of the Incas

    34 reviews

    The so called Sacred Valley is the valley of the Urubamba River. It's a fertile land for growing corn, potatoes, quinoa and other crops up to today and it was sacred for the incas. Several groups of people and settlements were established here throughout the years and most of these villages remain to date, sometimes keeping the same farming and ...

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    34 reviews

    Affluent neighborhood in Lima where there is a large concentration of nice apartments, famous restaurants, happening lounges/bars, and shopping, Miraflores is really a pleasant neighborhood to call home away from home. Being a rented apartment or hotel. It is convenient, pleasant, and safe.

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    The Inca Trail

    29 reviews

    This was on the top of my bucket exhilarating hike where every turn had a grand panorama we thought couldn't be better. Get into shape and acclimate well before hiking. Also, if you had a knee injury recently, don't push it! Someone came with a brace, slipped and dislocated his knee again on day one. Day two kicked my ...

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    City of Cuzco Historic Center

    33 reviews

    You'll most likely will be taken to Pisac on your day trip to the Sacred Valley. Pisac is a village that was populated by the Spanish, as a reduction village, which meant that they took people from several places and brought them all to live together, so they could avoid rebellions and collect taxes. What you will see here is ...

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    Plaza de Armas

    32 reviews

    Of course you will go to this plaza as it is heart of Cusco. The cathedral is a must see, and the food choices are fabulous. One thing that I didn't like was how pushy the people are in selling things here. All the other places we went people were very laid back, but here they were very annoying.

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    26 reviews

    Spectacular Incan Fortress nestled in the urubamba river valley and about half way between Cusco and Machu Picchu. Next to Machu Picchu this is probably the most impressive Incan ruins. The agricultral terraces are impressive, as are the storehouses, which are precariously located on the surrounding mountain faces.

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    27 reviews

    Also fondly known as "sexy woman", Sacsayhuaman is quite alluring with its ancient Incan intricate stone work construction. It is also one of the closer Incan fortress like structure complex from Cusco so there is no excuse for not visiting.

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    25 reviews

    This mall has got great vistas of the ocean, but otherwise it's pretty bland. You can find major global food chains here, which is a big turn off to me. I think its proximity to so many major hotels that tourists frequent is why it's visited by so many - many who return unimpressed with Lima. Walk through here if ...

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    Parque del Amor

    23 reviews

    Parque del Amor...the Love Park, is almost Gaudi-esque with its tiled sculptures/park seats. I was most fascinated by the love poems and words of endearment that is inscribed by tiles right on to the park's arts. We also saw quite a few couples in love at the sweet.

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    Plaza de Armas

    19 reviews


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    Huayna Picchu

    17 reviews

    Hauyna Picchu is the Main peak that overlooks the grounds of Machu Picchu. Steep and treacherous climb.

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    18 reviews

    This neighborhood is for art lovers, musicians, you can find many places also for backpackers that are nice.

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    San Francisco Cathedral and Catacombs

    18 reviews

    San Francisco Cathedral ie wondeful place 2 be it very beautiful i was there long time ago it was great :)))))))

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    Cusco Cathedral

    16 reviews

    Important building built by Spanish conquer that exists nowadays and many people can visit.

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    Lake Titicaca

    13 reviews

    Lake Titicaca is amazing place 2 go and be i was there 15 years ago it was amazing :)

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    Huaca Pucllana

    12 reviews

    Must see for a view of the development of Lima, the people and the culture!

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    La Catedral de Lima

    13 reviews

    the grand Catedral de Lima is quite beautifully architecturally both inside and outside. There are very unique features on the facade of the exterior and the inside is just as awe-inspiring.

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  • 18

    Nazca Lines

    11 reviews

    I flew over the nasca lines, it left me speechless.......Its f*'"# ing amazing!! If you´re there don´t miss it ! 50$ included a night in a nice hostel, transportation and flight .. not really expensive isn't it?

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    10 reviews

    Looks like a massive amphitheatre, or pushed down crop circle. This massive terraced structure is kind of mind boggling. People think that it was developed as an agricultural experiment station, allowing the Incas to play with different micro climates and crops, which makes sense as there is so major temperature changes from the top terrace to the middle low one.

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    San Blas

    9 reviews

    San Blas is the most ancient neighborhood of Cusco. It's streets are narrow and date back to the 14th century. Today it's home for the hippies and the hostels but also has good restaurants like Pacha Papa. Going down from San Blas to the Plaza de Armas, you will see the Archbishop's palace, which was, of couse, built on top ...

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