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    267 reviews

    I like to review Manila because I'm from the Philippines and I grew up in the city. There are lots of things I like and don't like from the city but I think I'll just write what I like because I think it's not patriotic to write stuff that tends to ruin the reputation of your city and country. What ...

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    Boracay Island

    160 reviews

    August finds Boracay some weeks prior to the beginning of the peak tourism season (approximately September/October - May/June) and, as such, it was quiet and relaxed. That said, perfect weather was not a guarantee and we did experience some cloud and a little rain during our week-long stay. We stayed at a reasonably priced, small hotel on the famous White ...

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    Makati City

    57 reviews

    The upscale heart of Manila, this is where the beautiful people go to see and be seen and (even more importantly) to shop. With seriously upscale malls and a cosmopolitan vibe, this is the place to go for luxury brands or for a glam night out.

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    Cebu City

    109 reviews

    Cebu is not a fun city whatsoever. A lot of travelers spend a night here and then take a ferry or flight to one of the Filipino Islands, but there is no point in adding more then a day in Cebu to your Filipino trip. It has a couple of malls worth eating or shopping in if you're stuck there ...

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    Baguio City

    40 reviews

    We plan to stay at the Green Valley resort where last year we rented an apartment(P12000/mo) for 3 months. The resort is located off the Marcos Hwy a 30 minute drive to the SM mall. You are literally ABOVE the clouds..BEAUTIFUL :-)

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    Davao City

    42 reviews

    I lived in Davao for 6 months in 2013. I moved here because I met a very special woman and wanted to have some time to get to know her better. I had some great western friends here as well. While I had a good time, I can't recommend Davao or the Philippines in general as a place to spend ...

  • 8

    Puerto Princesa

    25 reviews

    If you are a scuba diver or interested in exploring the famous Unesco World Heritage Site Caves, you'll appreciate Puerto Princesa. It is very commercial but a necessary evil to experience the beauty of Palawan.

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    Quezon City

    25 reviews

    This is where I live and I must say eventhough it is crowded all the time, I will never ever live somewhere else but here! There are numerous restaurants to go, classy, fancy, just right or for the budget. We have turo-turo here, it like a buffet of Filipino homecooked dishes. Worth a try for foreigners especially the one near ...

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    6 reviews

    Gen.Buenafe & Gen.Biazon Listening & Observing the speech of Sen.Recto during the RH Bill Hearing

  • 11

    El Nido

    27 reviews

    Love El Nido , is beautiful place ! We did your A and tour C and we luv it ! And we kayak to other nice beach with no people , is amazing !

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    Lapu Lapu

    8 reviews

    This is the resort district of Metropolitan Cebu. It is located in Mactan island and houses 5 star resorts of Shangri la, Movenpick,Plantation Bay, Imperial Palace, Maribago Blue Waters and a lot more! They just need to make the roads wider and probably create an outdoor strip mall and it will give Hawaii, Cancun or any other caribbean country a ...

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    24 reviews

    a trip to tagaytay is not complete without eating tawilis, the only freshwater sardines in the world

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    Cagayan de Oro

    13 reviews

    My amazing vacation in : Cagayan de Oro it takes 45 minutes by plane from Manilla . it is a fantastic place to spend vacations . you can enjoy yourself with all kind of activities , sports and swimming . it is very beautiful with her forests full of very very long and huge trees . the people there are ...

  • 15

    Taguig City

    4 reviews

    Upscale everything but friendly people with warm smiles everywhere

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    Bacolod City

    16 reviews

    I generally dislike most cities in the Philippines due to their general uninteresting nature and bad air pollution. Bacolod, I will say, is not that bad. While it doesn't have any big attractions, there is some life and culture around the city, interesting to explore for a day. Eating options are pretty good as well.

  • 17

    Palawan Island

    33 reviews

    This lightly populated archipelago of 1,780 islands makes a splashy debut on the World’s Best Islands list by nabbing the No. 1 title thanks to its unspoiled beauty, abundant wildlife, and seascapes, which T+L readers deemed second to none. Seek out the serenity of the beaches of El Nido, where Bacuit Bay’s coral reefs teem with tropical fish, or, for ...

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    General Santos

    7 reviews

    join us here in gensan i will guide u just live massage

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    6 reviews

    Romblon is an undiscovered & unpolished jewel right at the heart of the Philippines. Beautiful diving with many new divesites left to be discovered and a myriad of secluded and untouched beaches. The real charm of the place is that it is unspoilt and relatively undeveloped for tourists

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    1 review
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