Philosopher's Walk

日本, 京都府京都市左京区浄土寺石橋町
11 reviews

The concentrated site of blooming sakura in early April can be found along the narrow canal that goes through a neighborhood (in Higashiyama district) with small old houses, lots of souvenir shops and restaurants. It’s called The Philosopher’s Walk (or Path), and it’s about 2 km long. It is probably beautiful here during any other season, but of course, the ...

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  • 1
    0.19 mi

    Tonkatsu Katsukura Kyoto Sanjo

    0.19 mi from Philosopher's Walk

    Best katsu here :))

  • 2
    2.24 mi

    MOS Burger

    2.24 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    3 reviews

    Think McDonalds, but the semi-healthier Asian version. They offer burgers, hot dogs, fries, drinks, just like many other fast food places might, but it tastes a lot cleaner somehow. This chain of fast food restaurants only exists in Asia as far as I know.

  • 3
    3.4 mi

    Starbucks Coffee 京都タワー店 (Kyoto Tower)

    3.4 mi from Philosopher's Walk

    Um local calmo para o pequeno almoço, antes de entrar na estação de Kyoto!

  • 4
    1.93 mi

    伊藤ダイニング 京都 (ITOH DINING)

    1.93 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    You find yourself in Japan and you are in the mood for Kobe steak. But you just can't (or afford) to pluck down $1000 for a dinner for two. Well, by Japanese standards, this place is a bargain. 5 star dining for half (or less) the price can be found here. This place sits along a tranquil river in the ...

  • 5
    1.63 mi


    1.63 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review
  • 6
    3.34 mi

    Kyoto Kitcho

    3.34 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    Being the oldest of the kitcho restaurants in kyoto it is also probably the one with the most beautiful. Master Tokuoka excels at pleasing the palate with regional and seasonal products in a traditional Cha Kaiseki (tea ceremony) style of presentation. The exquisite and - for me - unusual ingredients gave me a glimpse at what still lies undiscovered to ...

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  • 7
    1.19 mi


    1.19 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    A legendary Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto, Japan. The menu is textbook kaiseki dinner, probably hasn't changed muched in hundreds of years, and it's gorgeous. A thoroughly thought-out meal that fully considers the gifts of the land and season. Study up on the history of this region and the Kaiseki traditions before you go, it will make for a more enriching ...

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  • 8
    2.27 mi


    2.27 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    i have been there four years age, and love it very much,

  • 9
    1.87 mi


    1.87 mi from Philosopher's Walk
  • 10
    2.21 mi

    Honke Owariya

    2.21 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    A true culinary treasure. This is one of Kyoto's oldest restaurants, dating back more than 540 years. The specialty is Japanese Soba (buckwheat) noodles, made by hand on the premises. Lots of different styles - but best served cold. The building is very old, with lots of little rooms and tons of history.

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  • 11
    1.22 mi

    Kickup Pub

    1.22 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    Kick-up Pub is outside the Keage Tozai line subway station (nearest Exit 1) and on the opposite side of the street from the Westin Miyako Hotel. They have the best meatball sandwich in Japan for ¥800 and loaded pizza made from homemade dough (small size for ¥900). The food is good, and the owner and his son are American and ...

  • 12
    2.36 mi

    Suji Curry やまびこ

    2.36 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review
  • 13
    3.42 mi

    Menya-Iroha 麺屋いろは

    3.42 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review
  • 14
    3.55 mi
  • 15
    1.87 mi

    Shabu Zen

    1.87 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    LIfe hasn't been the same since J-Shabu left the Denver area. I had to go to Japan to reconnect with the deliciousness of Shabu Shabu. A cool evening in Kyoto was the perfect place for the steaming pot of rolling broth gently turning and tumbling the vegetables. Platters of beef and pork made themsleves available for a swim in the ...

  • 16
    2.01 mi

    Pontocho Kappa Zushi

    2.01 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    The best sushi I've ever had thus far. Although Kyoto is not supposed to be as good as coastal cities, this is the easy winner at this point. Really incredible, great selections, ultra-friendly and funny chefs with good English capability (and an English menu) and a great restaurant atmosphere in a great area of Gion. Very highly recommended. Bear in ...

  • 17
    1.87 mi


    1.87 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    Kyoto is famous for its tofu, which embodies the serenity and humility of the city's history, the vegetarian diet of its monks and the beauty and freshness of the mountains and the springs running through them to the city. According to my new dining acquaintance at Tousuiro, "atmosphere" makes Kyoto different from the other Japanese cities. In the quaint and ...

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  • 18
    2.14 mi


    2.14 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    Excellent Japanese and Western cuisine serve in a indulgent villa / garden setting. The food and decor are Western / Japanese fusion. This means you'll get comfortable seats and plenty of space without giving up the traditional Japanese architecture. Plan for a drink at the bar / lounge before or after dinner. This is a great place to linger. The ...

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  • 19
    1.58 mi

    Cuomo Pizza Salvatore Grill

    1.58 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    2 reviews

    Seriously, you can find good pizza in Kyoto. I mean reallllly great pizza! This little casual restaurant sits along a small river and offers some super awesome Italian food. Very informal casual setting and not expensive (by Japanese standards). If you are not in the mood for pizza, the pastas are also very good. Decent beer and wine selection as ...

  • 20
    2.71 mi


    2.71 mi from Philosopher's Walk
    1 review

    Great little riverside cafe in Kyoto. A nice place to stop in for a coffee and catch your breath after a long walk. The shop is hit or miss but definitely has unique items and might be a good spot for an unusual but modern Japanese souvenir.

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