Pho Dalat 3

2904 E Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661
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    This Pho restaurant is in a standalone brick building that is nothing impressive, but has friendly service and good food.

    It is part of a chain, with the first two Pho Dalat's in Portland. Sophia, who owns/runs this one, is very friendly and accomodating, adding to the experience.

    DaLat, being in the central highlands of Vietnam, has a cooler weather pattern than the rest of Vietnam, so Portland area's weather is perhaps closer in pattern than, say, Little Saigon in Los Angeles. In central Vietnam, the food also has some differences, usually spicier and heartier.

    The most famous dish from this area is not Pho, which is popular through out Vietnam, but Bun Bo Hue, a spicy hearty soup with pigs blood cakes.
    Dalat has Bun Bo Hue on the menu, as well as the tomato soup like noodle dish of Bun Rieu.

    They have a large selection of Pho, of course, with some 20 combinations. But they also have a large selection of Hu Tieu and Mi noodle soups, as well as Com Dia rice dishes and popular appetizers like Goi Cuon spring rolls, Mi Cuon pork srping rolls,a nd Cha Gio egg rolls.

    They also have traditional drinks like Nuoc Dua (coconut juice) and So Da Xi muoi (salted plum soda) and Sua Dau nanh (soybean milk). Plus the popular Vietnamese coffee and Pearl smoothies.

    This place has authentic food and friendly service.

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  • Pho Dalat 3

    Just Excellent food

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