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    Yvette T.
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    5 Jan 10, 2013

    *Happy Hour Review Only*

    As if Vegas visitors weren't SEXED up enough, here comes $1 oysters for your aphrodisiacstic pleasure (so good it deserves a new word)! Every day happy hour from 2:45-6pm features a different oyster on rotation. Been here a few times and every bite has always been deliciously fresh. It comes with creamy horseradish, vinegar-shallot or cocktail sauces for your choosing.

    PJ Clarke's also offers $3 beers and 2 for 1 drink specials for their cocktail of the day, but neither is as good of a deal as the oysters. The beer comes in a mug the size of your hand.

    Bottom line. When you're done shopping, take a seat at the bar (oyster or regular) and order a dozen happy hour oysters. Then turn around and say hi to me, because I'm likely camped out there. Added as a MUST VISIT for my Vegas trips!

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    5 Aug 06, 2012

    very good restaurant, menu is different from their home restaurant in New York, this is one of the best burgers in United States, its served with sauce bernaise and the best french fries.

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    5 Jul 04, 2012

    Countless bold men have made the journey from East to West, from Lewis & Clark, who pretty much discovered the whole damn region, to the 49ers, who recently discovered what a chump Josh McDaniels is. Now a great classic pub with a man's name is doing the same: PJ Clarke's.

    A cheery departure from the nonstop glitz of most Vegas restos, PJ's is modeled after its beloved burger-slingin' NYC counterpart, employing a $250,000 mahogany bar taken from the Rothschild estate in Bordeaux, subway-tiled walls, Victorian- and '40s-style vintage lighting fixtures, and a jukebox strictly pumping out classics: Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and the Stones, proving you can't always get what you want...which is nonstop Ini Kamoze!!! Steaks're all trucked in from Montana's Meyer Ranch, and cuts range from a 10oz filet to a 14oz NY strip, while their 10oz Steak Frites is served four different ways: Au Poivre, Bordelaise, Roquefort, and Classique, also Mo'Nique's signature line of really stylish college courses, now available at Target. Non-steak offerings include oysters, jumbo shrimp, littlenecks, and cherrystones from the raw bar, plus homestyle favorites like Shepherd's Pie, chicken pot pie, baked mac & cheese with bacon, meatloaf with gravy, and of course their famous burgers, load-able with bacon, béarnaise, sauteed mushrooms, chili, and smothered onions, which despite not being raw, the moment you talk to a girl will make you cry.

    The old-school bar's filling you up with small but a diverse selection of taps, wines, and classic cocktails, plus desserts like apple cobbler, chocolate chip cookie souffle, and bread pudding w/ whiskey butter sauce, which Josh McDaniels would like to apologize for catching you eating like a slob on camera, although he's already taking the necessary precautions to ensure it never happens again.


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