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    0.14 mi

    Canals of Venice

    0.14 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    35 reviews

    The Canals of Venice are called Rios and there are over one hundred and fifty of them in Venice. In order to enjoy these canals, you need to rent out a gondola, and look and listen to the beauty that transpires.

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    Peggy Guggenheim Collection

    0.14 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    29 reviews

    Located in the heart of the small artistic streets of the neighborhood of Dorsoduro, the very own Peggy Guggenheim home is a major must-visit for Art lovers as it collects a wide variety of modern paintings, such as Pollock, Picasso and Dali, not to forget of hanged photographs of Peggy herself in the room you're in. The Post-War section behind ...

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    Galleria dell'Accademia

    0.02 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    8 reviews

    This museum has a wonderful collection of Venetian Art; a must-see if you are a fan of Titian, Tintoretto and Lotto. I especially liked Tintoretto's four scenes from The Life of San Marco - a good historical lesson as well. The interior decoration of the museum is a work of art as well, resembling elegant sitting rooms at times. I ...

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    Museo del Settecento Veneziano - Cà Rezzonico

    0.21 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    3 reviews

    Ca Rezzonico is a sumptuous & magnificent palace, now the Museum of Eighteenth-Century Venice. The visit of this historical building is recommended, because you can get an idea of a Venetian patrician residence. Inside you visit the the Museum of The Museum of Venetian Eighteenth-Century Culture. On the first floor a total of eleven rooms contain paintings, sculptures, frescoed ceilings ...

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    Interpreti Veneziani

    0.07 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    2 reviews

    Each time I visit Venice I make sure to see this amazing, exuberant chamber ensemble that performs Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and other classical masterpieces in the glorious interior of the Chiesa di San Vidal. Venice is where Vivaldi lived and composed. His music, so beautifully done, blends with the ornate splendor of this magical city, and hearing it live and ...

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    0.17 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    1 review

    Squero is a word which means shipyard. It has ancient origins in Venetian culture and once upon a time there where many in Venice. Nowadays there are only six left, of which Squero of San Trovaso is one of the most known. It produces mainly gondolas. Passing near by you could see men at work.

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    Santo Stefano

    0.12 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    1 review

    A beautiful Campo in the earth of Venice, quite large and quite close to La Fenice theatre. There are beautiful venetian palaces looking the Campo. I had once the chance to visit one private house there... It was completely covered by frescos inside.... Wonderful. Keeping ponte of Accademia at the back and walking through the Campo, More or less alf ...

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    Libreria Toletta

    0.15 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    1 review

    This is quite a large library, composed by two stores. The smallest is a library fully dedicated to children. There is a wide choice of books, including some guides of Venice designed for children.

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    Enogastronomia Pantagruelica

    0.22 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    1 review

    This tiny shop contains gourmet and souvenir food items but it's best feature is the very high end wines.

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    Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio

    0.21 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    1 review

    The Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio, otherwise known as Santa Maria Zobenigo, resides in a surprisingly quiet area west of the Piazza San Marco. The church has what is considered one of the finest baroque facades in Venice. The church was founded in the 9th century but was rebuilt between 1678 and 1681. I didn't have the opportunity to ...

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    Scala Contarini dal Bovolo

    0.05 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    1 review

    The Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo (also called Palazzo Contarini Minelli dal Bovolo) is a small palace with an external spiral staircase, with a plethora of arches, known as the Scala Contarini del Bovolo. Bovolo means snail describing the spiral form. It is a bit hard to find on a less-traveled side-street near the Campo Manin, near the Rialto.

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    Piazza San Marco

    0.51 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    166 reviews

    The Piazza San Marco is beautiful and the gem of Venice. There was considerable renovations underway when I last visited in 2011. I am sure it is looking beautiful now

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    Basilica di San Marco

    0.57 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    94 reviews

    One of the most gorgeous pieces of the city. You can see Salute from many different places around Venice, but the view across from the outskirts of San Marco is one of the best. This was taken just outside Harry's Bar.

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    Rialto Bridge

    0.57 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    96 reviews

    One interesting aspect of the iconic Rialto Bridge is the padlocks. Apparently inspired by "I Want You", the 2006 novel by Federico Moccia, this practice involves couples writing their names on their padlock, swearing eternal love and throwing the keys into the Grand Canal below. There were a lot of locks of love, when Gayle and I were there and ...

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    Grand Canal

    0.68 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    82 reviews

    The Grand Canal is the main waterway that leads through Venice. I think you can get the most beautiful view at Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge, when it's getting dark and they turn on the lights. It's beautiful, like on a postcard!

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    Bridge of Sighs

    0.61 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    69 reviews

    "I stood in Venice on the Bridge of Sighs, A palace and a prison on each hand." - Lord Byron The bridge was given its name by Lord Byron in the 19 century. The idea being that the view from the bridge was the last site of Venice that prisoners would see before being condemned to their fates.

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    Gondola Service

    0.6 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    55 reviews

    We thoroughly enjoyed our Gondola ride through the winding Venetian canals. The elderly gentleman that took us around had a very sweet, soft, but talented voice. We look forward to the next excursion through the Venice labyrinth.

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    Palazzo Ducale

    0.58 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    37 reviews

    not to be missed....breathtaking, and massive. right in San Marcos Square, home of the Doge, and next to San Marcos Bascillica.

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    Al Vaporetto

    0.31 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    27 reviews

    These are the local busses of Venice. As in any large cit, certain number boats run a set route with major stops. Other, smaller ferries are more specialized as to their destinations. Some are sea-going that go all the way across the bay of Venice to the Lido and others visit more obscure island stops. You are supposed to find ...

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    0.69 mi from Ponte dell'Accademia
    23 reviews

    It's a dream

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