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  • 41

    Pittock Mansion

    20 reviews

    My brother-in-law, who lives in Portland, got married here. Good call bro, this place is gorgeous.

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  • 42

    Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

    14 reviews

    If you ever crave a good game of PacMan at 3AM, Ground Kontrol ahs you covered. This two-story quarter arcade is filled with flashy, loud video games and pinball machines. They also serve beer and have quiz nights aimed at gamers. There's very little room to sit, though, so come prepared to play, not to socialize.

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  • 43

    Steel Bridge

    16 reviews

    Located slightly to the north of the city this bridge is the one that the Max train goes over to head to the north east portion of the city.

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  • 44

    Lloyd Center Mall

    15 reviews

    Wild! A mall with an ice rink right in the center of the mall! I've never seen anything like it! As you can see in my postcard it's a three story mall with a food court and movie theater on top and the ice rink on the bottom right in the center. Wow!

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  • 45

    Horsetail Falls

    10 reviews

    First off, let me mention how absolutely terrified of heights I am. Now, let me say how exciting and amazing this hike was. I came here once on a 5th grade field trip and putting aside my paranoia, it was a wonderful experience and absolutely beautiful. The hike is steep and not very monitored, so you'll have to be careful, ...

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  • 46

    Living Room Theaters

    10 reviews

    What a cool concept! As the name suggests this place is a theater but with the comforts of home plus more! I stopped in to try some food in their absolutely lovely restaurant attached to the theater. I ask the extremely nice and helpful wait staff about the theaters. They explained that in the theater they have tables and comfortable ...

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  • 47

    Nob Hill/ Westover/ Northwest 23rd District

    10 reviews

    Northwest 23rd district is a quirky neighborhood full of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Its vibe is funky, young, and vibrant. Lots of people watching and dog petting. You can walk the neighborhood, then head down to the Pearl, and over to the Riverfront. Makes a great adventure on a sunny day.

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  • 48

    Bailey's Taproom

    8 reviews

    Impressive little, rather high-tech pub! They have an amazing selection of beers on tap with all of the information about each brew on a on an electronic board over the taps including alcohol content and how much of that beer is remaining.

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  • 49

    Pioneer Courthouse

    10 reviews

    This used to be the post office! Before that I assume it was an actual courthouse. Perhaps pioneers once held court there, but I kind of doubt it. Could make for a fun urban legend, though.

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  • 50

    JELD-WEN Field

    8 reviews

    Portland timbers!! A must see while your in Portland. Whether you like soccer or not the fans her ( timbers army) make the game do fun and unforgettable. If you coming with kids though get seats away from the timbers army. They tend to chant some bad words...

  • 51

    Laurelhurst Park

    6 reviews

    Southeast Portland's sprawling Laurelhurst Park is an excellent place to picnic, take your dog, play frisbee or just hang out. There's an enormous duck pond that's popular with families (come equipped with a loaf of bread), large, open designated off-leash dog run areas, and plenty of picnic tables. In the summer, it's not unusual to see groups of people practicing ...

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  • 52


    6 reviews

    So decadent! They specialize in chocolate but more specifically European style drinking chocolate! They even have several different variations to choose from! Delicious!

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  • 53

    Wildwood Trail

    6 reviews

    Great hiking trail that runs through most of the Portland parks. Hike parts or hike it all.

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  • 54

    Oaks Amusement Park

    8 reviews

    Portland's only permanent amusement park, Oaks Park has lots of old-school (but not vintage) rides and games, which are open during the dry summer months. It's a popular place to go roller skating throughout the year and many children have birthday parties here. The park is adjacent to the Willamette River, and the grassy waterfront is good for post-ride picnics.

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  • 55

    Next Adventure

    6 reviews

    Great shop for outdoorsy stuff, with plenty of locally made products. It's especially popular among rock climbers, backpackers, and winter sports enthusiasts. They also buy and resell used backpacks and camping gear as well as a large selection of sports clothing. Really friendly staff, too!

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  • 56

    Burnside Bridge

    10 reviews

    Burnside runs right through the center of the city separating the north from the south. The Burnside bridge comes straight across into the center of the city. Because of it's location this bridge is often busy or sometimes even closed during big parades and festivals like the annual Rose Parade.

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  • 57

    Portland State University

    6 reviews

    I did my undergad here and loved the mix of students. A lot of older people and returning students in the classes here, which keeps younger traditional students on their toes (at least it did in my case). Excellent urban studies program and a lot of international events.

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  • 58

    Fubonn Supermarket

    5 reviews

    Wide selection of pan-asian grocery! More neat and tidy than other smaller grocery stores in the city.

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  • 59


    6 reviews

    Practically a Goodwill boutique! The nicest Goodwill I've ever seen! A bit smaller shop but great quality and set up to feel almost like a regular boutique. Very nice quality, selection and set up. I was very impressed!

  • 60

    Willamette Park

    5 reviews
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