Portland Pensione

109 North East San Rafael Street, Portland, OR OR 97212
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  • 61
    2.33 mi

    New Seasons Market - Concordia

    2.33 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    My Teenage Son and I had dinner at the Kennedy School one night, of which I watched him devour large quantities of food. That much nutrition would have put me to bed early. However, I knew that he would be hungry again later in the evening. The cool, nearby, and busy New Seasons Market was a must stop. I found ...

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  • 62
    1.96 mi

    Zupan's Markets

    1.96 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    Such a delicious supermarket - but very expensive!

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  • 63
    1.21 mi

    Jimmy Mak's

    1.21 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    This is an awesome Jazz club, they are ranked number 10 in the world! Just a short cab ride away!

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  • 64
    2.75 mi

    Horse Brass Pub

    2.75 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    Horse Brass Pub is a old-school style British pub serving drinks and English comfort food such as Bangers and Mash. There's no pretentious vibe here. It's just a down-home place where good drinks and good food is conducive to good conversation, making it a worthy pub.

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  • 65
    1.27 mi

    Jackpot Records

    1.27 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    Always has a great selection, always has something [amazing] that you've never heard. An adventure of its own.

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  • 66
    1.44 mi


    1.44 mi from Portland Pensione
    5 reviews

    A really cool place and awesome venue. I've seen both rock and electronic shows here and both were well organized and not over crowded. The mood of the place is pretty hip while still being approachable people of any style, the bar tenders can be a bit assholish but expect it in a place like this, and in Portland.

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  • 67
    1.27 mi

    Vault Martini

    1.27 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    Portlanders are truly spoiled with all of your happy hour spots - and the fact that they happen daily kills me! After having some stiff cocktails around the corner at Teardrop, we decided to continue happy houring here. Vault is a swank martini bar in the Pearl that I would imagine hanging out frequently with my gal pals or fab ...

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  • 68
    3.21 mi

    World Forestry Center

    3.21 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    The World Forestry Center is located in Washington Park and is across the street (with a shared parking lot) to the Zoo and a significant Portland Public Transit Stop. The main building is stunning in its Cascadian (I assume) architecture, including the grand entry, and the interesting carvings and other stuff outside. Inside (and for a modest entry fee) are ...

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  • 69
    1.39 mi

    Portland City Hall

    1.39 mi from Portland Pensione
    5 reviews

    After a busy week of Convention attendance and "glutinous" expense account consumption, I decided to go for a long walk and explore some of the distinct architecture that the Rose City has to offer. The Unitarian, Congregational, and Baptist Churches were interesting, as was the Portland Art Museum. My best experiences came out of "The Portland Stairs Book" by Laura ...

  • 70
    2.75 mi

    Doernbecher Children's Hospital

    2.75 mi from Portland Pensione
    4 reviews

    My son's mother works for OHSU and Doernbecher Children's Hospital is where he receives much of his ongoing pediatric and other therapeutic care. I have personally met with my son's providers and call me impressed by the professionals who indeed are at the top of their game. And IMHO, the services he receives here are much better than what he ...

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  • 71
    1.14 mi

    Roseland Theater

    1.14 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    The Roseland has been around for as long as I can remember, and I've been to everything from reggae shows to raves here. A lot of fairly big acts come through here and the acoustics are excellent. It's one of the first places you'll want to check out for live music listings if you're coming to town; tickets for most ...

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  • 72
    1.6 mi

    Laurelhurst Theatre

    1.6 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    I have enjoyed innumerable films at the Laurelhurst from newish movies like Pulp Fiction to Conan the Barbarian and Caddyshack II, all with a pitcher of stout and slice of cheese pizza. The theater is a classic but basic beauty, adorned with classic movie posters and the seating is awesome, especially if you can get into a row with a ...

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  • 73
    1.25 mi


    1.25 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    Great spice store - been buying their stuff online for ages, but this is an actual walk-in store. You can see and smell all of their spices and spice blends, and buy whatever you want in varying quantities. One of the high-quality features here is that the containers you use to smell the products are NOT the source of the ...

  • 74
    1.54 mi

    Glowing Greens

    1.54 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    3D mini golf in the dark

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  • 75
    1.63 mi

    Cinema 21

    1.63 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    Love this cinema. Always choose really good films... artsy, foreign, classic, cult, etc. I can always just show up and even if I've never heard of the film, be fairly sure I'm going to enjoy watching it. Great atmosphere, too.

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  • 76
    1.3 mi

    Rogue Ales Public House

    1.3 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    My favorite microbrew...dead man whiskey and ale!

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  • 77
    3.73 mi

    Reed College

    3.73 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    Whatever you think of Reed - hippies! brainiacs! communists! what's reed? - there's no arguing that it's a beautiful campus. This liberal arts school, nestled in Southeast Portland between the upscale tree-lined streets of Eastmoreland and the lovely nature paths of the Crystal Springs rhododendron Gardens, is a lovely maze of gothic-style buildings, Victorian homes converted into dorms, new brick ...

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  • 78
    2.2 mi

    Portland Spirit

    2.2 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    Anything that gets me out on the water is a good thing. This wan't nearly as cheesy as I feared it might be. We did the lunch cruise, and the food was pretty good. It's a relaxing way to see the scenery.

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  • 79
    1.83 mi

    Townshend's Alberta Street Teahouse

    1.83 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    Townshend's Alberta Street Teahouse is a tea house in Portland on the north side. They have a menu of teas for everything, ailments to moods. To boot they also hold seminars for tea education.

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  • 80
    3.3 mi

    Portland Children's Museum

    3.3 mi from Portland Pensione
    3 reviews

    Expensive but excellent spot for your child to run around for hours on end. As a parent, it can be overwhelming with the mixed aged children, but it's an excellent opportunity for kids to learn and share their experiences. The new outdoor trail is a must see and is toddler friendly.

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