Portland Pensione

109 North East San Rafael Street, Portland, OR OR 97212
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  • 21
    0.89 mi

    EaT: An Oyster Bar

    0.89 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review

    EaT has an awesome happy hour option where you can purchase 1/2 a dozen oysters for $1. The oysters are fresh and taste very good. I also recommend the shrimp po boy and pork ribs. While the ribs are kind of pricey (it is around $20), it is completely worth it. The pork ribs were so tender you could easily ...

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  • 22
    0.92 mi

    Ristretto Roasters

    0.92 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review
  • 23
    0.33 mi

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    0.33 mi from Portland Pensione
  • 24
    0.64 mi

    Chai Yo Thai Restaurant

    0.64 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review

    Chai Yo Thai is a cozy little restaurant nestled inside an old wood house in the comfy Broadway district of Portland. They use fresh ingredients and no MSG. It has been here about 7 years, and it is a great find. You walk up stairs to the porch of this little restaurant in the house, and on warm days sit ...

  • 25
    0.27 mi

    Russell Street Bar-B-Que

    0.27 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review

    Good food. Just wished the portions were a bit larger.

  • 26
    0.94 mi


    0.94 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review

    Pints Taproom is a neighborhood bar bordering between the Pearl District and the old Chinatown of Portland. The drinks are extensive but offer enough to satisfy the visitor. On Fridays, they have local musicians come in to perform acoustic songs, providing ample background to serious discussions or good cheer.

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  • 27
    0.47 mi
  • 28
    0.9 mi

    Thai Pod Restaurant

    0.9 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review

    Quiet little place, good food. I was really glad that the waitress repeated our order. I had the yellow curry with brown rice, was full before I was halfway done.

  • 29
    0.69 mi

    Koji Osakaya

    0.69 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review
  • 30
    0.86 mi

    Trekside Cafe

    0.86 mi from Portland Pensione
    1 review

    The Trackside Cafe is located within Portand's Union Station. It's your last chance to buy a sandwich or other snack item before you board the Train. They also offer railroad related trinkets just in case you want of souvenir from your rail-related travels. I grabbed a sandwich here for later consumption in the comfort of my Coast Starlight seat. In ...

  • 31
    1.1 mi

    Voodoo Doughnut

    1.1 mi from Portland Pensione
    77 reviews

    Quite possibly the hottest spot in Portland and I have to say I can see why! This place embodies the uber quirkiness that is Portland. There is pretty much always a line out the door and around the corner for these out of this world confectionery delights! I was overwhelmed by the selection and unsure what to choose the first ...

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  • 32
    2.73 mi

    Pok Pok Restaurant

    2.73 mi from Portland Pensione
    43 reviews

    Delicious, updated and modern, but still traditional Thai food. All extremely fresh tasting. Staff very eager to explain dishes and make recommendations. Dishes average between 9-15 dollars. You'll want to try a lot of different things and sharing dishes seems to be the norm. Pok Pok is known for its wings, but that's hardly the extent of their greatness. This ...

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  • 33
    1.13 mi

    Food Carts All Over Portland

    1.13 mi from Portland Pensione
    30 reviews

    Food carts are the best! They are so convenient and they're all in one place! It makes your eating decision that much harder when you're surrounded by so many options, but it's very fun to just check out each of their menus. My favorites are usually the Korean, Hawaiian, and of course, Nong's. Some of the Mexican places are great ...

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  • 34
    1.79 mi

    Salt & Straw

    1.79 mi from Portland Pensione
    26 reviews

    Do yourself a favor and ask the servers what you should try next - they will come up with pairings just like a sommelier. I always end up with the Sea Salt & Ganache though, can't beat it.

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  • 35
    1.25 mi

    Deschutes Brewery & Public House

    1.25 mi from Portland Pensione
    26 reviews

    Some reviews have expressed some concerns about the service and the food here. And maybe the folks up here have higher standards for their plethora of Brew Pubs. Boy, I wish I had that problem! However, both of us thought that the food (we split an order of fish and chips), the beer (I had the Red Chair IPA and ...

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  • 36
    1.17 mi

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    1.17 mi from Portland Pensione
    23 reviews

    Pretty good location to work at and good coffee. Odd bar setup in the one but they're couches if you can get them!

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  • 37
    1.26 mi


    1.26 mi from Portland Pensione
    18 reviews

    **PRICEY GOOD PERUVIAN TAPAS ** Portland, you have AMAZING food choices. Made advance reservations and ordered the following: - Caipirinha (hello, we're in Portland, you always need a cocktail in hand) - solid and strong - Yuca Rellena - cheese-stuffed yuca with an aj Amarillo and cheese sauce - Wow, this was my FAVE. Loved the *gourmet* Velveeta cheese-like texture ...

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  • 38
    1.29 mi

    Mother's Bistro & Bar

    1.29 mi from Portland Pensione
    16 reviews

    Awarded "restaurant of the year" a few years ago.

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  • 39
    2.32 mi

    Pine State Biscuits

    2.32 mi from Portland Pensione
    14 reviews

    This restaurant has been on the Food Network. Famous breakfasts, not for the calorie-conscious. Try the "Reggie".

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  • 40
    1.21 mi

    Portland City Grill

    1.21 mi from Portland Pensione
    13 reviews

    Great Views of the city at night, great place to eat dinner or have a drink.

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