Portland Pensione

109 North East San Rafael Street, Portland, OR OR 97212
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  • 41
    1.36 mi

    Clyde Common

    1.36 mi from Portland Pensione
    12 reviews

    Great food and drinks, a bit pricey but you'll have a good time. Service is usually good, can be so-so.

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  • 42
    1.74 mi

    Saint Honore Boulangerie

    1.74 mi from Portland Pensione

    Nothing is better than sitting outside with a chocolate/almond croissant and a large cup of coffee on real plates, and on a drizzly day. It was relaxing and civilized, and watching this part of Portland walk by was pretty cool too. My only regret was what delectable pastries didn't get picked. St. Honoré counter staff were also friendly, helpful and ...

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  • 43
    1.36 mi

    Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen

    1.36 mi from Portland Pensione
    12 reviews

    Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen serves deli classics like pistrami on rye and chopped liver. The servings are plentiful and their delis are fresh and taste delicious.

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  • 44
    1.38 mi

    Le Bistro Montage

    1.38 mi from Portland Pensione

    French and Southern food. Delicious! At least, there macaroni and cheese was. And they package your leftovers in tinfoil molded into animals! Adorable.

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  • 45
    1.23 mi

    Little Bird Bistro

    1.23 mi from Portland Pensione
    9 reviews

    I had an early dinner here at Little Bird during a recent solo business trip to the Rose City. I sat at the handsome copper top bar and enjoyed a Le Pigeon Burger (with wine), while I watched this French Bistro world around me. From my front corner position, I had a direct view into the kitchen, the hungry folks ...

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  • 46
    1.84 mi

    Elephant's Delicatessen

    1.84 mi from Portland Pensione
    7 reviews

    This place is great in all type of weather but mmmmmm some of their famous tomato/orange soup on a cold rainy day....YUMMMMMMMMM

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  • 47
    1.81 mi

    Papa Haydn

    1.81 mi from Portland Pensione

    Portland institution. Great cakes, great coffee, great location, great atmosphere. Really friendly service, variety of sweets. A must for chocolate lovers.

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  • 48
    1.43 mi

    Nong's Khao Man Gai

    1.43 mi from Portland Pensione
    7 reviews

    Do try Nong's Khao Man Gai. I loved it. Simple, flavorful and comforting to eat. It's tender pieces poached chicken on top of rice cooked in chicken broth, served with a delicious soy bean-ginger-garlic-vinegar-chili sauce, and wrapped up in butcher paper, old school style. I ate this dish sitting at a nearby park, as there was no seating. Nong's is ...

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  • 49
    2.55 mi

    Bagdad Theater & Pub

    2.55 mi from Portland Pensione

    Previously released movies for $3 - grab a microbrew beer, a slice of pizza and a movie in a very cool theatre all for the same price as a regular movie admission!

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  • 50
    1.7 mi

    Ken's Artisan Bakery

    1.7 mi from Portland Pensione
    7 reviews

    Delish! Shared a braised buffalo sandwich with a unique salsa verde and pastry. The bread was amazing! Pastry was a rich coffee eclair... Can't go wrong here!

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  • 51
    1.39 mi

    Jake's Famous Crawfish

    1.39 mi from Portland Pensione
    10 reviews

    I ate here years ago, but since it's been around over 100 years, still going strong, and I still remember how good the lunch I had there was...I feel pretty confident in recommending it. The seafood was fresh out of the sea and delicious. The chowder was delicious and they have a great selection of local wines. Also, at least ...

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  • 52
    1.3 mi

    Huber's Cafe

    1.3 mi from Portland Pensione
    7 reviews

    Huber's claim is to be the oldest bar restaurant on Portland. It certainly feels like a classic. Their signature Spanish Coffee, a delicious blend of Bacardi 151, triple sec, khalua, cream and FIRE comes with an impressive table side assembly show. Happy hour apps are tasty and cheap!

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  • 53
    1.66 mi

    Helser's On Alberta

    1.66 mi from Portland Pensione

    The Crimini Hash is to die for. Go on a weekday to avoid the wait, or order for pick up.

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  • 54
    1.42 mi

    Public Domain

    1.42 mi from Portland Pensione
    7 reviews

    The Public Domain space is a bit industrial in terms of interior decorating and seating, but staff more than makes up for it in terms of java knowledge, pride of craft, great individual drip coffee, and decent sweet roles. They're also diligent about their recycling/composting and the availability of a few newspapers to help pass the time. Gayle and I ...

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  • 55
    3.01 mi

    Apizza Scholls

    3.01 mi from Portland Pensione
    7 reviews

    Apizza Scholls serves good, hearty pizza. It is important to note that the hours are very limited. On Mondays through Sundays, they're only opened from 5 pm - 9:30 pm. On Sundays, they're only open from 4 pm - 8 pm. It also gets crowded easily, and if the owner runs out of ingredients, then he might close earlier than ...

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  • 56
    1.74 mi

    Petite Provence

    1.74 mi from Portland Pensione
    7 reviews

    Love this place!! The croissants are worth the wait!!

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  • 57
    1.5 mi


    1.5 mi from Portland Pensione
    6 reviews

    Pambiche is a bright colored restaurant serving all sorts of flavorful Cuban food. I had the Cuban sandwich, which consists of layers of cheese, ham, and a fried croquetta. My friend had a rice and shrimp dish with a red, glazed sauce. Seating is limited and it can get crowded so avoid arriving at peak hours or you might have ...

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  • 58
    1.17 mi


    1.17 mi from Portland Pensione
    6 reviews

    This is one of the best places to get casual Lebanese food in Portland (and lots of people know it, so go early or plan to wait). The food is better than average, especially the za'atar served with pita, the hummus, and the tabbouleh (heavy on the parsley), and the portions are HUGE.

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  • 59
    1.62 mi

    Tin Shed

    1.62 mi from Portland Pensione

    Best breakfast ever!!! Fantastic service and food. Often a wait for a table but so worth it.

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  • 60
    1.74 mi

    Bamboo Sushi

    1.74 mi from Portland Pensione
    5 reviews

    Very great sushi! Very clean, and pretty busy. Great wines and mixed drinks too!

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