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    Playa Blanca

    2 reviews

    Such a relaxing place :) with one of the biggest salt water pool in Latin America

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    Panama City

    60 reviews

    Panama City is an amazing city!! You must climb ancon hill (cerro ancon) - you can take a taxi and ask the driver to wait for you. The view from the top of the hill IS spectacular - you can see the colonial quarter of the city - Casco Viejo - as well as the new skyscrapers and the canal. ...

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    EL CANAL DE PANAMA es una de las obras mas grandes, una de las siete maravillas, su creacion es increible de como por niveles del agua del mar un BARCO de calados puede atravesar por el,, es un verdadero espectaculo digno de verse,, si visitas PANAMA no dejes de sentir la emosion ni ver este gran espectaculo.

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    6 reviews

    Colon has the Free Zone, good for shopping if you have a passport and do not live in Panama. Must visit the Washington Hotel, see the church across the street from the hotel and see the breakwall.

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    Santa Clara

    4 reviews

    If you visit Panama and want to enjoy white sand beaches, this is the perfect place!

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    Fort Sherman

    1 review

    Jungle Operations Training Center -- Repelling, from cliff's and Blackhawks, Hiking through the mud, learning how to make bamboo traps --- Had a BLAST. 2/75 Rangers

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