Qdoba Mexican Grill - Orlando Airport

Orlando International Airport, 1 Airport Blvd, Airside 3, Orlando, FL 32827
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    3 Jul 05, 2012

    It is funny how food can often bring together people across vast cultural divides that are often insurmountable politically and socially.

    Take Vietnamese Food. Exactly 40 years ago, the Tet Offensive push by the Viet Cong initiated a brutal battle in South Vietnam during the traditional Lunar New Year's celebrations. That was the beginning of the end to America's long war there. But thanks to the thousands of South Vietnamese, often refugees who escaped by boat to eventually settle in United States, Americans have developed a growing love affair with Pho beef noodle soup. Pho is a North Vietnamese meal in origin, but it is popular throughout the country, and now it is growing in popularity in the US, Canada, France, Korea, and other areas.

    How about Sushi? We went to war with Japan 60 years ago and have had troops stationed there ever since. But now, thanks mainly to Japan becoming the 2nd largest economy in the world with its travelling businessmen and tourists with cameras, Sushi has spread in popularity around the world.

    How about Korean BBQ? Do you like it? Most people who have tried it, love it. We waged war in Korea 55 years ago, and have had 50,000 military personnel and bases there ever since. Their economy has grown into one of the Pacific "Tigers".

    How about Mexican food? You would think that with all the rancor and divisiveness over illegal aliens crossing our borders from the south, that we would hate Mexican Food. Do you know what is by far the most popular condiment in the US? Ketchup? Mustard? Relish? After all, Hot dogs are "all-American"!

    Nope. It is Salsa! And Super Bowl weekend is the Mother of all Salsa consumption weekends. Heard of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl for college football? They make those cup like tortilla chips. I wonder where tortillas and tortilla chips came from?

    So to complete the integration like Sushi and Pho and KBBQ into the American cuisine and palette, it is obvious we need to go to war with Mexico! Invade them, using the excuse of Weapons of Mass Destruction....(we have a precedent!)....DRUGS being the weapons of mass destruction. Occupy the country for a few decades, whether or not we find the contraband. Just bring more of the food across the border! Then maybe we will stop trying to deport the refugees that cross the border.

    Qdoba is a chain of Mexican fast food grills. They have mostly burritos and quesadillas. But they have more authentic options for stuffings than say, Chiptole, like Chorizo (well they call it spicy pork). And they have 5 differnet Salsa's you can throw in, from Pico de Gallo, to Verde and Roja, to Habanero. This Qdoba is before you go out to gates 30 - 59 at MCO (Orlando's call letters). $4.99 burritos. $6.49 "Sip and Scarmble" breakfast burrito and fountain drink combos.. Sort of small, but tasty.

    After we invade Mexico, maybe this Mexican food stuff will eventually become popular here in the US. Like Pho, Sushi, and KBBQ from those other wars!

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  • Qdoba Mexican Grill - Orlando Airport
    Thomas C
    5 Jun 17, 2014

    1 Airport Blvd, Airside 3, Orlando, FL 32827

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