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Matthew Crompton recommended Pizzeria Paradiso
Pizzeria Paradiso2003 P St Nw, Washington, DC 20036
With fabulous pizzas (the name gives it away, doesn't it?) you could be forgiven for thinking that people come here for the food. On the contrary, those pizzas serve their purest function soaking up ... read more
the amazing craft brews on offer here at this Georgetown institution. With a fabulously extensive list of both draft and bottled offerings, cleverly listed and categorized by beer afficianados, it's one of the very best places in the city for a brew. Not to be missed.
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Matthew Crompton

Like this place lots. =)

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Arlo Hemphill recommended Vietnam Georgetown Restaurant
Vietnam Georgetown Restaurant2934 M St Nw, Washington, DC 20007
Years back, this was my first real introduction to Vietnamese cuisine. The food was always so good and so diverse, that I became a bought and sold devotee and tend to compare all other Vietnamese food ... read more
back to here. The service, menu, location and prices are outstanding. Check out their business lunch specials - a deal! The 4 out of 5 stars is only because the interior decor could use a little work...
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Arlo Hemphill

Kay Lee - you are in luck. Georgetown and nearby Dupont and the Golden Triangle excel at exactly what you are looking for. Very good food that is not too expensive. There are dozens of great options, almost all to cater to the area's enormous working business district lunch population. Prices can jump for dinner, but on the flip side other places also turn into bars and have good specials in order to keep an evening business going. This Vietnamese spot is one of my favorites.

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Arlo Hemphill recommended Don Lobos Mexican Grill
Don Lobos Mexican Grill2811 M St NW, Washington, DC
This is a trendy Georgetown take on Mexican dining. Definitely business casual, not a dirty taco stand by any degree. The food is great and portions are generous. Very popular with the 9-5 office ... read more
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Arlo Hemphill

This Mexican spot is another favorite - it's a casual yet decidedly classier take on Mexican dining, compared to the whole in wall burrito shops often found on the West Coast. A good option.

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