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Feb 08, 2013 - Feb 16, 2013

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    • Lucas Ertola recommended Colonia del Sacramento
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    • Jardín Japones2966 Casares, Buenos Aires Argentina
      Lucas Ertola recommended Jardín Japones
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    • Lucas Ertola commented on this trip

      Hi Rachel!
      The time you will be at Buenos Aires is enough to do a lot of things! Mendoza is far away from Bs As, like an hour and a half by flying! I've been in there for a weekend and even with that I think I need it more time. Bu if you go earlier and can make in one day the most important thing, or spend the night there and come back at the next day.
      Another place that is really nice that you can take advantage with your photograph skills is Colonia, is an ancient City from Uruguay, and you can make it in one day is very common, you only need a 2 hours boat trip. Anyway, I'm from Bs As so if you need any tip or insight let me know!
      Enjoy your trip!

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    • Shaina Herman commented on this trip

      For a week I wouldn't go as far as Mendoza, you need about 3 days to do Buenos Aires and feel like you've actually seen the place. You could spend a whole week there too.

      Also, there are a lot of wine tours but check that Mendoza doesn't get too cold for tours.

      Tigre is near by Buenos Aires but I'm not sure about how things go there in the winter. It's fantastic and a great day trip. Very relaxed.

      If you really want to go somewhere different from Buenos you should really check out Igauzu it's ridiculously incredible.

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    • Bodega Dante RobinoMendoza, Argentina
      Yellonero recommended Bodega Dante Robino
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      Mendoza is mostly known for its wineries so one of them should be at the very top of your list. I went to this one my short stay in Mendoza, it was great, you don't even have to do the guided tour (most do), you just walked right in. Uspallata (roughly 100km west of Mendoza) is a popular ski resort, but it also offers loads of outdoors activities (rafting, kayaking etc.) during the summer (Feb.). My bus from Santiago passed through it, the scenery was stunning. I'm assuming you'll be flying in from B.A. (it's 15-16 hrs by bus, what I did), Aerolíneas Argentinas usually offers some great deals if you book round trip.

    • Meli y Iony commented on this trip

      If you're interested in something more than nice european architecture and are willing to discover the essence of the "porteños", I recommend you to take a walk through Corrientes avenue, full of theatres, bookstores, cafes and pizzerias. There is great photo material. Then you can go to Dorrego flea market, I really don't know what time or what day it is open, but I'm sure you'll find that information anywhere. You can also find markets in San Telmo which are great to take some photos.
      Puerto madero is awesome at night.
      Be really careful with your camera and other photo equipment, especially near train stations or crowded places.

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    • Pro 2014
      Harold Smith-Franzen (@smithfranzen) commented on this trip

      La Boca is great for architecture and color. san telmo for culture / dancing and nightlife. Colonia across the river has neat architecture.

      .. or maybe find a social issue you want to highlight / expose.

      Recoletta is always good.. for the cemetary. I'm sure you could get some cool angles / imagery there.

      Promise me you will go to Freddo and eat plenty of gelato. Love the Dulce de leche granizado.

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    • Iglesia de San IgnacioBolívar y Alsina, LANúS 1066 Argentina
    • Catedral MetropolitanaSan Martín 42, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Buenos Aires Botanical GardenAvenida Santa Fe, City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Iglesia Nuestra Señora Del PilarJunín 1904, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    • Recoleta CemeteryJosé León Pagano 2684, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    • Plaza del CongresoBuenos Aires, Argentina
    • Museo Nacional de Bellas ArtesAvenida del Libertador 1473, LANúS 1425 Argentina
    • ObeliscoCerrito 370, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
    • El AteneoAvenida Callao 1000, Ciudad De Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Teatro ColónLibertad 621, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
    • Elvira Vanag recommended Buenos Aires
      Buenos Aires is a very European city, with wide boulevards and nice parks. I have been there twice and found it to be quite walkable, with occasional taxi rides from place to place. Go to San Telmo ... read more
      neighborhood on Sunday –for street market, crafts, musicians, street tango… It’s very festive… Go to La Boca – a working-class neighborhood, with its colorful buildings, street tango… Stick to the main street/area (to be on a safe side). Don’t miss the Recoleta neighborhood… Besides a very intriguing and unusual cemetery (must visit), it is also a very nice (and expensive) residential area, often called Little Paris. The French Embassy building has very splendid architecture. If you like classical performances (opera, ballet) – go to Teatro Colon. It will be an unforgettable experience. If you don’t, but like architecture and history – go on a tour of Teatro Colon. If you are up to a thrilling experience – attend a soccer game, especially if it’s between the rival neighborhoods. To tell the truth, we got the tickets at the hotel – they included transportation, special VIP treatment and safe delivery back to the hotel. We were glad that we did it – as when the game was over, it looked like that there would be some fight afterwards. Watching the game was a thrilling experience.
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      Elvira Vanag

      Rachel - you will have many photo opportunities in BA. Definitely visit the neighborhouds I mention. Don't miss the parks with dog-walkers. Also, there is a hotel across the street from Recoleta cemetery - go to the small cafe on the top floor with a balcony - you will get a nice view of the cemetery. Btw, I enjoyed the pictures on your site.

    • La BocaBuenos Aires, Argentina
    • San TelmoDefensa 1200, LANúS 1065 Argentina
    • Casa RosadaBalcarce 50, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
    • Floralis GenéricaFacultad de Derecho - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Av Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Cementerio de la RecoletaJunín 1760, JUNíN 1116 Argentina

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