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May 06, 2013 - May 12, 2013

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    • Memento ParkCorner of Balatoni Rd. and Szabadkai St., 1223, Budapest
      Pro 2014
      Leigh Virkus recommended Memento Park
      This was an interesting look at the sculptures/art of the Soviet area. The figures are large and imposing - exactly how they wanted you to feel. Worth a visit if you like to see that sort of thing.
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      Leigh Virkus

      Just outside the town but we enjoyed it.

    • Erin K recommended Margaret Island
      Margit Island is wonderful place to spend time on during the summer. There's a water park, a small zoo, and you can rent bikes and ride around the tree-lined streets for a couple hours. There are also ... read more
      big park spaces, so pack a lunch and set up under a tree. Some people sunbathe on the island's stone banks, but the Danube isn't the cleanest river to cool down in, so I'd stick to the water park. You can get to the island from the middle of the Margit bridge, where steps lead you down to a small crossover.
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    • Central Market HallVamhaz korut 1-3
      Erin K recommended Central Market Hall
      For traditional Hungarian foods - think paprika and lángos - the Central Market Hall is the first place you should visit. I'm not a huge lángos fan but there are a number of stalls offering this ... read more
      doughy snack, as well as everything else under the sun. Spices, vegetables, fruit, dried meats...the Central Market Hall is Budapest's largest indoor market, and has the bounty to prove it. On the second floor you can find more cafes and souvenir shops, including a beautiful selection of scarves and jewelry. Haggling is encouraged.
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      Erin K

      Stock up on paprika here!

    • Opera HouseAndrassy utca 22, Budapest 1061 Hungary
      Erin K recommended Opera House
      The Opera House in Budapest is simply gorgeous. I saw "Salome" here, and there really isn't a bad seat in the house. The subtitles will almost always be in Hungarian, so as an English speaker ... read more
      watching/listening to a German opera with Hungarian subtitles flashing off to the side, it can be a little confusing. My advice is to close your eyes and just listen, or to look around at the beautiful architecture.
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    • Szemlo-hegyi Cave35 Pusztaszeri utca, Budapest 1025 Hungary
      Erin K recommended Szemlo-hegyi Cave
      I really enjoyed walking around this cave - it's one of the more unique caves I've visited and a fun thing to do if you're headed over to the Buda side and don't want something too touristy. The walls ... read more
      are rich with minerals and its floor is carpeted with flowers in many parts. Like most caves, it is FREEZING - dress warmly and wear good walking shoes.
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    • Gerbeaud CafeVörösmarty tér, 1055 Budapest, Hungary
      Erin K recommended Gerbeaud Cafe
      The Gerbeaud Cafe is worth visiting just for the gorgeous interior design. Gold, marble, brocade, wood, and more gold covers this coffee and tea house, and you can nurse a cappuccino here for hours ... read more
      just to look at it all. I've had coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, and cakes (try the traditional Esterhazy torte) here, and it has all been delicious. Perfect for a coffee date, a cup of tea with your mom, meeting up with your girlfriends or even sitting by yourself with a book and a cookie.
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    • Danubius Hotel GellertSzent Gellert Ter 1, Budapest 1111, Hungary
      Pro 2014
      Alex L recommended Danubius Hotel Gellert
      You realize why doctors prescribe spas to patients in Europe when you visit the baths here. There really *is* something different about the waters here. (Really; the mineral content is incredibly high ... read more
      and you do tend to feel better from whatever ails you after an hour.) While the spa is famous (one of the outdoor pools actually has a wave machine, so you can body surf in downtown Budapest; and, yes, it's as cool as it sounds), the hotel is just as gorgeous. I stayed here with my family when I was in college on one of my first nights in Europe, and I was sold on the whole 'Europe' thing pretty instantly. The grand rooms and furnishings, lavish breakfast buffets, our balcony overlooking Budapest ... yep, it was pretty amazing.
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      Alex L

      A Budapest institution. (If you dont' stay here, you can visit the baths.)

    • Fisherman's BastionHunyadi Janos Ut, Budapest, BU 1011 Hungary
    • Buda CastlePalota Utca, PALOTáS 1014 Hungary

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