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    • Vieux-QuébecVieux-Québec, Quebec City, QC G1K, Canada
      Katie Pierce recommended Vieux-Québec
      This was my favorite area in Quebec City! Mainly this was due to the great feel of a small European town due to the small shops and architecture. It almost had me fooled! So if you're looking for ... read more
      European scene without the pricey ticket, this would appease you for a bit!
      .Comment.about 3 years ago. Report
      Katie Pierce

      This is an incredible area to walk around in. And if you're looking for a good dinner, I'd recommend trying a few places around here.

    • Grande-AlleeGrande-Allee Street, Quebec City, QC G1R Canada
      Daniel recommended Grande-Allee
      .Comment.about 3 years ago. Report

      Check out this part of quebec city!

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