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      Julia P commented on this list

      Hey Ram, I don't believe trains run that route - I'd follow Matthew's advice...otherwise it looks like you might be able to book a short flight or taxi ride from one to the other. Hope that's helpful!

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      Matthew Crompton recommended Srinagar
      With a lovely lake before a backdrop of high, dusty mountains, an interesting Old City and pleasant Mughal gardens, and the deepest and most genuine Islamic Sufi culture in India, there's much to like ... read more
      about Srinagar. It sees primarily Indian tourists, and is wildly popular during the summer yatra (pilgrimage) season, where people ready themselves or recuperate from a trek in the nearby holy mountains. There's some hassle here: the Kashmiri Muslims are known as importuning and somewhat apt to scam you, especially if you're renting one of the town's 1500 houseboats, which are a pleasant if not entirely essential part of the Srinagar experience. Still, Srinagar is a neat place. Don't let the fears in the media scare you: if there's active unrest, give the town a miss, but otherwise it's as safe as anywhere in India.
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      Matthew Crompton

      Hi Ram- Buses exist from Jammu to Srinagar, but can be unreliable. You're better off finding one of the many share jeeps leaving in the early morning from the streets around Jammu's main bus station. The trip to Srinagar should take 8-10 hours.