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    • The Coffee CollectiveJægersborggade 10, 2200 København N, Danmark
      Carolyn Consunto Hernandez recommended The Coffee Collective
      The Coffee Collective and Meyers Bageri are great places to grab coffee and great pastries! A definite must-have. Don't forget to get some hotdogs too from the local carts around town.
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    • Pro 2014
      Julia P commented on this trip

      Hey Rasmus, do you just mean back to your accommodations in Hvar? There are both taxis and buses on the island, so I'd check with your hotel or hostel what the best/closest/most affordable option is. I'm assuming that if you leave the after-party after sunrise, you can just use normal day transportation. Otherwise, I'd always just get a taxi. There are taxis at the ferries, get a number for one and then you can call when you're ready. Hope that's helpful!

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