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Jul 18, 2012 - Jul 19, 2012

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    • Restaurante Bar Cafe TacubaTacuba 28, Mexico City, DIF 06010 Mexico
      Zora O'Neill recommended Restaurante Bar Cafe Tacuba
      Glam old-fashioned place with tile on the walls and heavy old wood furniture. And yes, it inspired the band of the same name. But since it's such a classic, and so near the zocalo, it can feel a ... read more
      little touristy--and the prices can feel steep. And hey--it turns 100 next year!
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      Zora O'Neill

      Mentioning this mainly as a landmark, because I can't remember the names of the other cafes right around here. There are a bunch of really cool old-fashioned diners right around here--nicknamed chinos, because they were started by Chinese immigrants way back. The food is a little stodgy but cheap (cheaper than Cafe Tacuba). Just go poke around the streets right around CT. I did enjoy our food at CT--it just took a while, so it might not be good for a later dinner or a brek when you know you'll be racing off again.

    • Hotel IsabelIsabel la Catolica 63, Mexico City 06000, Mexico
      Zora O'Neill recommended Hotel Isabel
      Wonderful old-fashioned hotel in a great location right in the centro historico. Our room seemed a little grim when we arrived at 3am, and switched on the fluorescent overhead light (waaay up near the ... read more
      high, high ceiling), but when we woke up the next morning, it all felt like home. Good firm beds for a cheap place, and excellent housekeeping. Also, the cantina in the lobby is very nice.
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      Zora O'Neill

      I know you said near the airport...but central Mexico City is too cool to skip entirely! By the time you get through immigration and everything, the traffic will have abated, and it should be easy to get a taxi (or take the metro) to the centro. Seriously--it's so grand down there. This is a good cheap hotel.

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