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    • Joanne G. commented on this trip

      No, not at all...while Petra is much larger than imagined and it can be quite a long distance to walk (especially to the monastery), most of the paths are flat. If you get tired, there are plenty of men about offering donkey or horse rides up to the sights as well! But I really think that if you take a slow and use your walking sticks, you'll be fine.

      Enjoy your trip! :)

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    • Stefanie R commented on this trip

      The walk from the entrance to the Treasury is about 40 -60 minutes to an hours walk on mostly flat or gently sloped ground. There are benches along the way if you need a break. Provided you can walk for 2 plus hours, you can do that easily. You can also get a cart to take you for 20 JD.

      The walk to the monastery is considerable farther plus about an hours worth of steps each way.

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    • Nora Mann commented on this trip

      You and Ann are just extraordinary. I look forward to seeing photos!

      .Comment.via Facebookalmost 3 years ago. Report
    • Baxter Jackson commented on this trip

      It's an easy walk into the treasury but little hikes up to the other spots there are a little bit more strenuous. There are, however, donkeys for hire if you can't make it up yourselves :-)

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