Rio Scenarium

Rua do Lavradio 20, Rio de Janeiro 20230 Brazil
15 reviews

Probably the most photogenic nightspot in Brazil, Rio Scenarium is a sprawling three-story club packed with treasures from the past. Inside a 19th-century mansion, chandeliers, oil paintings, baroque statues, and countless other antiques set the scene for a memorable night of samba. If you've got the moves, you can join other dancers on the main floor fronting the stage, or ...

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  • 1
    0.17 mi

    Boteco Belmonte

    Rua do Lavrádio, 116 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
    0.17 mi from Rio Scenarium

    Just one of those, could be any around Ipanema or Copacabana. Just ask for "uma cerveja estúpidamente gelada" (Skoll, even better)

  • 2
    0.0 mi

    Santo Scenarium

    Rua do Lavrádio, 36 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
    0.0 mi from Rio Scenarium
    1 review

    Uma boa opção para quem não tem coragem de ficar na fila do Rio Scenarium. A decoração com santos de todo tipo é muito legal.

  • 3
    0.4 mi

    Confeitaria Colombo

    Rua Gonçalves Dias, 32 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
    0.4 mi from Rio Scenarium
    11 reviews

    This famous bakery founded in 1894 was built to be the most luxurious commercial establishment of Rio. Only the wealthy could go there and it was decorated just like the bakeries in London and Paris. It was the first place in town to have an elevator, when the second floor dining room was inaugurated, which made it even more famous. ...

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  • 4
    0.89 mi

    Bar do Mineiro

    0.89 mi from Rio Scenarium
    4 reviews

    Great and traditional food. Surronded by beatiful people!

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  • 5
    0.37 mi

    Parada da Lapa

    Rua dos Arcos, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
    0.37 mi from Rio Scenarium
    1 review
  • 6
    0.51 mi

    Aipo & Aipim

    Rua do Ouvidor, 108 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20040-030, Brazil
    0.51 mi from Rio Scenarium
    2 reviews

    My first time eating at a kilo restaurant (where you pay based on weight). Didn't take long to figure out the get a paper at the door when you arrive, choose between a hundred or so different types of food, then they weigh it and mark the price on your paper. Additional items ( e.g. drinks) are also added ...

  • 7
    0.34 mi

    Carioca da Gema

    79 Rua Mem De Sa, Niteroi, RJ 24220 Brazil
    0.34 mi from Rio Scenarium

    Carioca da Gema was among the first samba clubs to return to the formerly derelict neighborhood of Lapa when it opened back in 2000. Today, dozens of nightspots line the nearby streets, but this buzzing garifieira (dance club) still draws a loyal following. The warmly lit space, feel-good samba and festive crowd makes an unbeatable combination. The small dance floor ...

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  • 8
    0.4 mi

    Lapa 40º–Sinuca & Gafieira

    Rua Riachuelo, 97 - Lapa - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
    0.4 mi from Rio Scenarium
    1 review

    Great place to do it all in Rio: Samba party, club, billiards, live music, brazilian everywhere. Go early and stay the entire night. Lots of singles. Samba show on friday nights between midnight and 2am. Always packed.

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  • 9
    0.37 mi

    Casa da Empada

    Lgo da Carioca - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20050-020, Brasil
    0.37 mi from Rio Scenarium
    1 review

    It's just so delicious. They have many stores in Rio, I really like this one. The empadas of "shrimp and cheese" and "chicken with cheese" are amazing.

  • 10
    0.6 mi

    Déguster Café

    Rua Pedro Lessa, 35, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    0.6 mi from Rio Scenarium
    1 review

    Nice coffee and breakfast!

  • 11
    0.27 mi


    170 Rua do Lavradio, Lapa
    0.27 mi from Rio Scenarium
    2 reviews

    A late comer to the Lapa scene, Barzinho strives to bring a touch of hippness to Rio`s bar hopping area. Very good DJ and food, the only problem then becomes that most of Rio`s hip crowd aren`t heading to Lapa anymore...luckily the few that do head to Barzinho.

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  • 12
    0.9 mi

    Bar do Marcô

    Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 412 - Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
    0.9 mi from Rio Scenarium
    1 review
  • 13
    4.04 mi

    Churrascaria Palace

    R. Rodolfo Dantas, 16 - Copacabana Rio de Janeiro 22020-040, Brazil
    4.04 mi from Rio Scenarium
    3 reviews

    If you want to eat well in Rio, you need to be willing to dish out more money. If you're going to spend money, invest in Churrascaria Palace. The meat is good, but the main catch is the Amazonian fish. It's so succulent and buttery, it makes Churrascaria Palace worth it.

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  • 14
    4.25 mi

    Carretão Churrascaria - Copacabana

    R. Siqueira Campos, 23 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22031-070, Brazil
    4.25 mi from Rio Scenarium
    3 reviews

    There's one of these about 7 blocks from the apartment in Ipanema at - Rua Visconde de Piraja, 112. I recommend this churrascaria out of all the other churrascarias around because they have the best price and great service and same quality meat as all the other churrascarias. Stay and eat for as long as you like, until you can't ...

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  • 15
    4.13 mi


    Rue Barata Ribeiro, 458 (R. Figueiredo Magalhães), Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22040-002
    4.13 mi from Rio Scenarium

    After eating bland, starchy food for the past two weeks, I was elated when I ate at Pittas. The little eatery serves Middle Eastern favorites such as falafel and tahini. I was a little sad that it took my last day in Brazil to find fresh Middle Eastern food, but it was better late than never!

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  • 16
    4.73 mi


    Avenida Nossa Senhora 986 | Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22060-002, Brazil
    4.73 mi from Rio Scenarium
    1 review

    Wow. After nearly two weeks, I finally found a solid Brazilian restaurant in Rio that's affordable. The leao veloso (seafood soup) was good, especially the tomato-based broth along with the watermelon juice. Stalos is also opened 24 hours.

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  • 17
    3.75 mi


    Av. Prado Junior, 335, Rio de Janeiro 22011 Brazil
    3.75 mi from Rio Scenarium
    2 reviews

    The best cheese and fillet sandwich in the world! Don't miss it ;)

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  • 18
    4.67 mi

    La bicyclette

    Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    4.67 mi from Rio Scenarium

    adorable but expensive!

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  • 19
    4.82 mi

    Bar Mônaco

    Rua Miguel Lemos, 18 - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro
    4.82 mi from Rio Scenarium
    2 reviews

    This is carioca INSTITUTION! A great, old school seafood joint in Copacabana. Informal sprawled onto the sidewalk, and utterly fresh and delicious!

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  • 20
    1.13 mi


    Rua Aprazível, 62, Rio de Janeiro 20241 Brazil
    1.13 mi from Rio Scenarium
    6 reviews

    Bebi o São Jorge e gostei muito. Melancia, vodka, manjericão. Não é nada pra ficar "louco", mas é bem saboroso.

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