Ripplewood Resort

47047 California 1, Big Sur, CA, United States
2 reviews

As one of the best-priced lodges in Big Sur, Ripplewood delivers. Sure, the staff is a little flaky, but the cabins are cozy and comfortable, the restaurant (open just for breakfast and lunch) is pretty tasty, and the setting is just as beautiful as the pricier lodgings in Big Sur.

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  • 1
    0.0 mi

    Redwood Grill

    0.0 mi from Ripplewood Resort

    For years I've been passing this place by in favor of other Big Sur spots with which I'd been more familiar. Big Mistake. Much like the Big Sur River Inn, the real charm of this place cannot be judged from the roadside, and it is only once you explore the interior and backside grounds of the restaurant do you realize ...

  • 2
    0.0 mi

    Ripplewood Resort Cafe

    0.0 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    1 review

    Great breakfast spot. Great service. Had waffles that mixed bacon bits into their batter, needless to say it was very delicious. Lots of breakfast options, including some great juevos rancheros.

  • 3
    0.57 mi

    Big Sur Village General Store and Burrito Bar

    0.57 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    4 reviews

    Mini-grocery/liquor store that sells a little bit of everything. The burrito bar has paper slips that you fill out with your order for everything from fresh fruit smoothies, burritos, wraps and even pizza. I had the roasted veggie wrap with feta cheese, and my friend had the Thai Chicken wrap. Both were very good, but a little overpriced for those ...

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  • 4
    0.52 mi

    The Maiden Publick House

    0.52 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    2 reviews

    This is where the locals are, from the beatnik beret-wearing artists to the hippie back-to-landers to the trustafarian musicians just down from Santa Cruz for the day. Cold beer, reasonably cheap prices and a crazy crowd are what you'll find inside this dark den.

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  • 5
    3.77 mi


    3.77 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    30 reviews

    The Nepenthe restaurant is worth the drive from Monterey. I'd take the hour or so drive to get the Nepenthe Burger and sit on the patio watching the jays pick the acorns off the trees.

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  • 6
    2.89 mi

    Sierra Mar - Post Ranch Inn

    2.89 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    6 reviews

    Okay, forget that they have one of the most impressive wine lists in the US for a moment. And ignore the view of California condors and passing whales out the front floor-to-ceiling windows. It's actually the food you'll most enjoy here. Who knew you could find religion in a poached quail egg? Hint: If you're not staying at Post Ranch, ...

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  • 7
    2.69 mi

    Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant

    2.69 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    7 reviews

    The food at the restaurant is adequate, but really overpriced, and not worth the hassle. It's the bakery that I come here for. The "early bird gets the worm" is definitely true in this instance because most of the goodies sell out quickly, and once they are gone for the day...they are gone! So if you are in the area ...

  • 8
    3.4 mi

    The Restaurant at Ventana

    3.4 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    3 reviews

    Stop here to see the view of the ocean

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  • 9
    4.36 mi

    Deetjen's Big Sur Inn

    4.36 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    1 review

    Advance reservations strongly recommended. If you're just driving along Highway 1 and have hunger pangs chances are you won't get a dinner seating. The food is delicious, made more so by the rustic decor.

  • 10
    1.19 mi

    Big Sur Lodge

    1.19 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    1 review

    Inside Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park, we always pull over at the lodge's general store for ice cream & snacks after we've been hiking all day in Big Sur. The espresso bar at the back of the lodge, near the dining room, also has some of the most decent coffee in Big Sur. Plus, the lodge's 1950s architecture and neon sign ...

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  • 11
    2.69 mi

    Big Sur Roadhouse

    2.69 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    1 review

    Quaint roadside bar and restaurant in the middle of Big Sur's redwoods. I've never actually eaten here, so can only attest that it's a decent place to stop for a beer. Like most of the area's restaurant-bars, it has a mountain lodge charm to it that makes it an enjoyable spot to spend some time. However, this is not my ...

  • 12
    2.61 mi

    Big Sur Deli: General Store and Taqueria

    2.61 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    1 review

    Let's be honest: Big Sur is like a big, bad gastronomic black hole when it comes to cheap, non-touristy eats. But if you didn't pack your own brown-bag lunch, where are you gonna go after you've been out hiking all day? The only place I find myself going back to time & again is the Big Sur Deli & General ...

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  • 13
    3.74 mi

    Cafe Kevah

    3.74 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    1 review

    Everybody raves about this outdoor verandah cafe for its ocean views, which truly are amazing. But the food is less so. It's only slightly lower priced than upstairs at Nepenthe. For brunch I've found Ventana to be a better bet, even if the panoramas aren't quite so good there.

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  • 14
    15.41 mi

    Cafe Rustica

    15.41 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    9 reviews

    One of Carmel Valley's Finest. Beautiful Ambiance and Great Food...something to satisfy everyone!

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  • 15
    16.49 mi

    Bernardus Lodge

    16.49 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    9 reviews

    Fancy place with no sense of sustainability or concern for their community - characteristics that are out of place in eco-friendly Central California. At the time of this posting, they serve blue fin tuna on their menu. This tuna is highly endangered and nearing extinction. They might as well serve tiger and polar bear too...

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  • 16
    15.36 mi

    Will's Fargo Dining House & Saloon

    15.36 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    6 reviews

    This restaurant and saloon will take you back in time. This is an old fashioned type of atmosphere where no one is in a hurry. The bar area is my favorite.

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  • 17
    11.35 mi

    Rocky Point Restaurant

    11.35 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    6 reviews

    Probably one of the best views of any restaurant in California. Huge windows and a big patio with sweeping views of the coast down to the Bixby bridge. The food is a bit overpriced. Had the linguine with clams which was tasty. Skip the scallops. Pretty but bland. For $36 definitely not a great option.

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  • 18
    17.97 mi

    Hyatt-Highlands Inn Park

    17.97 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    3 reviews

    This is the answer you're looking for- the dining room is magnificent. It is jutting out over the ocean and the waves splash up towards a tilted glass wall. The suites are spacious and the bathrooms are luxurious. It's all about the views at this place, and the food is outstanding. Have lunch on the deck overlooking the ocean- try ...

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  • 19
    18.83 mi

    Baja Cantina

    18.83 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    4 reviews

    This is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant in Central California. Great food, great drinks and an atmosphere that cannot be beat. I say Mexican, but the only thing Mexican about this place is the menu - and at that they excel - but the decor is a welcoming hodgepodge of automobile memorabilia in an atmosphere reminiscent of ski lodge-cantina ...

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  • 20
    19.94 mi

    Allegro Pizzeria

    19.94 mi from Ripplewood Resort
    3 reviews

    Good spot with kids. This place is very casual, with white paper covering tables. We had the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was tasty. Cesar salad was decent, not amazing.

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