Ristorante Hokkaido

Via del Castro Pretorio 10/12, Via Marsala 96/c, roma, Italia
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    0.9 mi

    Villa Doria Pamphili

    0.9 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    One of the entrances to the largest park in Rome

  • 62
    0.4 mi

    Santa Maria Maggiore

    0.4 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review
  • 63
    0.9 mi

    Bikram Yoga Roma

    0.9 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Rome's first hot yoga studio, this Bikram is run by the elegant and sane Isabella.

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  • 64
    0.63 mi

    Fondazione Pastificio Cerere

    0.63 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    This industrial pasta factory from 1905 has been converted into an exhibition space and restaurant, not to mention happening aperitivo bar. Contemporary art shows here can include anything from video installations to photography, the top-notch restaurant serves up Roman classics with a modern twist, and the bar, open until 2am, is known for having one of the best aperitivi in ...

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  • 65
    0.78 mi

    Le Gallinelle

    0.78 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    At this little boutique/workshop, every item of clothing is either handmade or vintage. The handmade items are made by the artisans at Le Gallinelle themselves, who both design and sew the blouses, dresses, sweaters, trousers and jackets right there. Like something, but it's not fitting quite right? No worries—the benefit of having in-house seamstresses means they'll alter it for you ...

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  • 66
    0.9 mi

    Offbeat Food and Wine Tour of Rome

    0.9 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Esther is a real sweetheart! She went out of her way to give us a really unique and cool experience in her neighborhood and it was great to get away from the crowds. Food was awesome as well. go to:

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  • 67
    0.61 mi


    0.61 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Rome's very first gay bar is still around and kicking today. Leave your dancing shoes at home, because this spot is exclusively for sipping. Opened by a half-American couple, this watering hole has been in business since the early 80's, and attracts a nice slice of the international LGBT crowd. Check your ego at the door, and drink in the ...

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  • 68
    0.71 mi

    Le Talpe

    0.71 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Le Talpe calls itself a "concept store," which—since the place manages to be so many things at once—is probably the best moniker. The store-cum-gallery promotes up-and-coming artists and designers, particularly Italians, selling everything from their art to jewelry to clothing. Every month, all of the items in the store are switched out and new items (and designers) brought in, often ...

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  • 69
    0.34 mi

    Context Travel Tours Rome

    0.34 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    We have taken many Context Travel tours in Europe and the USA. In Rome, they have been great for visiting the Vatican, where there is so much stuff, the docents help you focus on what is important and skip the rest. Or the Coliseum and Imperial Forums, where background information about ancient Roman history helps to understand what you are ...

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  • 70
    0.93 mi

    Ice Club

    0.93 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Here's a unique concept: create a club entirely out of ice. We walk inside on a hot, humid summer night. We pay a cover charge to a cashier and receive this silver, futuristic coat to keep warm--well, relatively warm considering it's basically a freezer filled with ice. Inside it's just like it sounds. There's a crowd of people all covered ...

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  • 71
    0.8 mi

    Campo di Verano Cemetery

    0.8 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    This cemetery is an open air museum and full of history and art. Entrance is free and guided yours (for a fee) are available. Easy to reach via public transport (tram 3 passes by).

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  • 72
    0.42 mi

    la riunione di condominio

    0.42 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Amazing, funky venue for music, live and DJed. The name in Italian literally means the meeting of the condominium and it does feel like that local hangout with comfy couches and chairs, bookshelves and personal touches. The stage is small and intimate making it feel like you are in someone's living room. Great place for a night out with friends ...

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  • 73
    0.46 mi

    Druid's Den

    0.46 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Great Irish pub in Rome (I know, right?). Small but homey and friendly. Good drinks, great live music on the weekends and Tony's a hoot behind the bar. Staff is multilingual (English, Italian, German, etc.) so come for a true international experience.

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  • 74
    0.87 mi

    Santa Maria della Concezione

    0.87 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    The museum is larger than you'd after room of paintings, antiques, historical narrative, and religious attire. There's a surprising amount of relics of saints as well, though the biggest draw here is probably the isn't actually underground, and it's smaller than expected, but it's striking. Beautiful and shocking, it's completely decorated with the skeletal remains of monks long ...

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  • 75
    0.33 mi

    Julius Ceasar Pub

    0.33 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    This is actually a pretty chill, laid back bar. I'm only speaking of the bar area, not the B&B. They make really good kamikazee's, or any mixed drink rather. That's more their specialty than beer. It's darkly lit, and not too loud, but not quiet enough that you hear aeveryone else. There's no dancing, but there is light music playing. ...

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  • 76
    0.87 mi


    0.87 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    A great venue for late night dancing in Rome. Very chic, pricey drinks, but very strong!

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  • 77
    0.45 mi

    Teatro Dell'Opera Di Roma

    0.45 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Used mainly for opera and ballet performances, the Teatro dell’Opera is also known, albeit to a less degree, as the Constanzi Theatre after the contractor who built it, Domenico Costanzi. Neo-Renaissance in design, the theatre was opened on 27th November 1880 with a performance of Semiramide by Gioachino Rossini, conducted by Giovanni Rossi, which was attended by the Italian royal ...

  • 78
    0.6 mi

    Church of Saint Susanna at the Baths of Diocletian

    0.6 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Santa Susanna is an English speaking church and the home of the American Catholic Church in Rome. Not only is this a place of worship, it is also a font of information for Americans visiting Rome.The church is easy to reach by bus or train. Metro station Repubblica is near by. This is a historic building with frescos telling the ...

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  • 79
    0.45 mi

    Opera House

    0.45 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    2 reviews

    Rome's Teatro dell'Opera is a lovely opera house. I wish I could say the same for the art here. The last thing I saw was a tribute to Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. The sets were gorgeous, the dancing less so. The 80 year old Carla Fracci took it upon herself to play the sexy nymph in Nijinsky's Afternoon of a Faun. ...

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  • 80
    0.79 mi

    Il Giardino del Te

    0.79 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    If you are wondering in Rione Monti you could stop in this shop. It sells a wide choice of different coffees, flavored in many different ways - nuts, vanilla, chocolate..... There is also a wide choice of teas.

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