Ristorante Hokkaido

Via del Castro Pretorio 10/12, Via Marsala 96/c, roma, Italia

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  • 61
    0.63 mi

    Trattoria Da Danilo

    Via Petrarca, 13, 00185 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    0.63 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    The carbonara and the cacio pepe are specialities in this small, traditional restaurant near Piazza Vittorio.

  • 62
    0.71 mi

    Tribeca Café

    Via Messina, 29, 00198 Rome, Italy
    0.71 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    TriBeCa is a small and cool restaurant, with brick walls and very comfortable black leather armchairs. The style is that one of TriBeCa in NY even though the result is not exactly the same. It is perfect for lunch and also for aperitivo, with very good finger foods.

  • 63
    0.9 mi

    Macro 138

    Via Nizza
    0.9 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    The perfect place for lunch. Entering the Macro Museum you could find this restaurant on the second floor. It has a nice outside area where you could find a buffet. The environment is quite cool, prices convenient.

  • 64
    0.9 mi

    Scilla e Cariddi

    Via IV November 145, Rome, Italy
    0.9 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Don't judge a book by its cover. This is a quaint Sicilian restaurant near Piazza Venezia. It's a miniscule place with a little door you can walk past and not think twice about. It can get uncomfortably crowded, but the food is really good. You may land on a night with live musicians...playing smack dab in the middle of the ...

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  • 65
    0.56 mi

    Ristorante Da Giovanni

    Via Antonio Salandra, 1A, Rome, Italy
    0.56 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    2 reviews

    We came here at the suggestion of our Rick Steve's travel guide. The food was not as good as I had expected to be, but it's still a decent place to eat.

  • 66
    0.78 mi

    Terrazza Barberini

    Via Barberini 16, Rome 00187, Italy
    0.78 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    This restaurant near the Palazzo Barberini, has a rooftop terrace where you can dine. We found it was too hot to sit in the sun so opted to lunch inside where the windows were open so we could still appreciate the fresh air. The menu was Italian with nice seafood offerings. Not great, but still enjoyable.

  • 67
    0.86 mi

    Ristorante Ciao Bella Srl

    Via Vittorio Veneto, 12, 00187 Rome, Italy
    0.86 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review
  • 68
    0.44 mi

    Sorchetteria Doppio Schizzo

    Via Cernaia 49/A, Rome, Italy
    0.44 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    1 review

    Open 24 hours, this place is perfect for late night (or early morning) munchies and espressos. It's near Termini if you're waiting for a train and don't mind a brief walk.

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  • 69
    0.9 mi


    Via Marghera, 37/39
    0.9 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido

    After a long travel day I was happy to find this place, open and inviting. It was a comfortable place for a single person to eat. Other diners were the guests of the many hotels in the neighborhood. It was quiet. The food was hot. I enjoyed my plate of pasta. I got the traditional cacio e pepe, fresh pasta ...

  • 70
    1.4 mi

    Giolitti - Centro Storico

    Via Uffici del Vicario 40, 00186 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    1.4 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    45 reviews

    This place clearly has to have the best gelato in Rome. Very near the Panteon. Here is from their website, "via the vicar This Has Been our historic home since the year 1900 - a stone's throw from the Pantheon and next to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament. We have a spacious interior, decorated in Art Nouveau ...

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  • 71
    1.69 mi

    Forno Campo de' Fiori

    Piazza Campo de Fiori, 22, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.69 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    12 reviews

    One of Rome's most famous places to get some salty, chewy, pizza bianca, Forno is open early in the day and is usually deservedly packed with Romans. Not only a cheap but a delicious place to grab a snack while wandering the streets.

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  • 72
    2.51 mi

    Old Bridge Gelateria

    Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo 5, 00192 Rome, Italy
    2.51 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido

    After spending a good part of the morning at the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. I was suppose to meat my family at St. Peter's Square. My aunt who lives in Rome and works for the Vatican, gave me a tip. After seeing the museum, go across the street and get a gelato at the Old Bridge. Being a good ...

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  • 73
    1.63 mi

    Il Forno Roscioli

    Via dei Giubbonari 21, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.63 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido

    Such delicious pizza, such delicious bread...this is a perfect little stop for a light lunch or snack that won't break the bank.

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  • 74
    1.51 mi

    Caffè Sant'Eustachio

    Piazza Sant'Eustachio 82, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.51 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    19 reviews

    Coffee appears in a million guises in the Eternal City, from cappuccino for the morning, to the alcoholic caffe' corretto after dinner. But Caffe' Sant'Eustachio delivers its own delicious spin on the tiny espresso, with a sweet sugar foam to help it make its way down.

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  • 75
    1.46 mi

    Bar Pompi

    Via Albalonga 7, Roma 00183 Italy
    1.46 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido

    This is a tiramisu ninja bar masquerading as an everyday Italian get your coffee and cornetto bar. Definitely, definitely worth a special trip - the tiramisu is a great gift to bring to dinner parties, as all Romans know (and revere) it. If you're an American tired of the shlumpy, dumpy, totally ubiquitous tiramisu at every stateside Italian restaurant, Pompi ...

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  • 76
    1.5 mi

    Pizzeria Florida

    Via Florida 25, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.5 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    5 reviews

    I've eaten my fair share of pizza al taglio across Rome, and I have to say that Pizzeria Florida serves some of the best, no-nonsense slices in town. Prices are low and the flavor is high. The Margherita was particularly tasty, though I suggest not eating it folded lest you want to have sweet juice dripping all over your clothes.

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  • 77
    1.65 mi

    Filetti di Baccala

    Largo dei Librari 88, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.65 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    5 reviews

    This is a casual Roman place, open only at night, that specializes in Baccala, the salty, fried cod typical of central Italy. You can also order puntarelle in season (a delicious green served with an anchovy sauce) and other fried Roman treats like fiori di zucca and suppli. There are no frills here. You eat at a table with a ...

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  • 78
    1.64 mi

    Grom - Piazza Navona

    Piazza Navona.1 (Via agonale 3, Angolo) 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.64 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido

    Oh my God, this gelato is AMAZING!!! On my most recent trip to Italy, I went to Grom about 6 different times and tried all sorts of different flavors. By far the best are the Vanilla (SO creamy and flavorful), the Coffee (tastes like creamy frozen espresso), and the Coconut (with dark chocolate chips). Oh man, I'm drooling just writing ...

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  • 79
    1.53 mi

    Gelateria Artigianale Corona

    Largo Arenula 27, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.53 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido

    This is in the Largo di Torre Argentina area, heading toward Trastevere from central Rome. You can look out over the ruins across the street as you eat your gelato, or watch a chalk artist drawing on the pavement just outside. Try the Mango, Malaga, or Marronata. The Cioccolata con Prugne e Rhum and the Cioccolata con Arancia weren't quite ...

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  • 80
    1.75 mi

    Pizzeria la Montecarlo

    Vicolo Savelli 13, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.75 mi from Ristorante Hokkaido
    6 reviews

    Rude Roman waiters, salty, chewy carbonara, and authentic cappricciosa pizza with a sunny side up egg smack in the middle are the delights of this institution. Show up, queue for a table and worship at the altar of casual Roman dining.

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