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  • 21

    The Vatican

    16 reviews

    The Vatican was a highlight of our trip. The Sistine Chapel was magnificent and everything I had expected and more. The splendor of the artwork and decor was awe inspiring. You can't help but feeling humbled by such brilliance!

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  • 22

    San Luigi dei Francesi

    8 reviews

    Step inside this unassuming church (unassuming in Rome, at least) with free entry and marvel at the three Caravaggio paintings depicting the life of Saint Matthew. You'll leave feeling a bit richer.

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  • 23

    La Casa Del caffe' Tazza D'oro

    3 reviews

    Quite possibly the best coffee in Rome. That's saying a lot but I ordered a decaf cappuccino (1,30 euro) and it was DELICIOUS. Normally I don't expect full bodied flavor from decaf but this was a different beast all together. There was complexity and fruitiness. It was very good. You order at the register, pay, get your receipt and bring ...

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  • 24

    Villa Doria Pamphili

    5 reviews

    Known as Villa Pamphili, this park is a great place to picnic, jog, and otherwise soak up from of Rome's free atmosphere. It's a perfect choice for the outdoorsy type on a budget.

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  • 25

    Castel Sant'Angelo

    86 reviews

    Another one of Rome's great sights and an easy add-on if you are headed to the Vatican.

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  • 26

    Moro Fountain

    24 reviews

    At the southern end of the Piazza Navona is the beautiful Fontana del Moro (Fountain of the Moor) with a basin and four Tritons sculpted by Giacomo della Porta (1575) to which, in 1673, Bernini added a statue of a Moor wrestling with a dolphin.

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  • 27

    Piazza della Repubblica

    41 reviews

    Flanked by grand neoclassical colonnades, this landmark piazza was laid out as part of Rome’s post-unification makeover. It follows the lines of the semicircular exedra (benched portico) of Diocletian’s baths complex and was originally known as Piazza Esedra. In the centre, the Fontana delle Naiadi aroused puritanical ire when it was unveiled by architect Mario Rutelli in 1901. The nudity ...

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  • 28

    Santa Maria della Vittoria

    18 reviews

    One of those treasures that's all too common in Rome, Santa Maria della Vittoria houses the incredible Bernini sculpture "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa" so circumspectly that you'd never know it was there. The church is beautiful, but the sculpture itself, like so many of Bernini's works, is truly masterful.

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  • 29


    8 reviews

    A lovely place to sit on the wall, look over a panoramic view of Rome and take in a sunset, the Pincio is also usually less crowded than the Gianicolo.

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  • 30

    Piazza della Minerva

    1 review

    Bernini's elephant obelisk isn't always noticed the first time around, but here you can see one of Rome's eleven Egyptian obelisks, set in the back of an elephant no less. The elephant is said to be turning its back on Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, the Dominican church on the piazza, as a silent protest against the harsh policies of the ...

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  • 31

    Foro Boario

    3 reviews

    The Foro Boario was the Cattle Forum of Ancient Rome and the oldest forum that Rome possessed.

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  • 32

    Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

    3 reviews

    The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina is an ancient Roman temple in Rome. It stands in the Forum Romanum, on the Via Sacra, opposite the Regia.

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  • 33


    2 reviews

    Pigneto is Rome's up and coming artsy district...think Soho in the 1980s. Lots of artists and general hippies, creative restaurants, and even some industrial buildings. If you've done done done all the tourist things, Pigneto is the place to be.

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  • 34

    Ai Tre Scalini

    2 reviews

    One of my favorite wine bars in Rome, well-priced and fun, with great food.

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  • 35

    Piazza Navona

    190 reviews

    The most famous piazza in Rome very touristy but you get to see some cool stuff going on at night.

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  • 36

    Ponte Sant'Angelo

    50 reviews

    Great place for a leisurely, romantic walk and a picturesque setting. Plenty of proposals here, but also great views of the city and Vatican city for those with less grand plans.

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  • 37

    Villa Celimontana

    4 reviews

    This hidden gem of a park is on the Celian hill, next to the Colosseum (no, not the Palatine hill; the one across from it). With umbrella pines, fountains, 16th-century villa (during the Renaissance, the area was the property of the noble Mattei family), and ancient Egyptian obelisk, it's the perfect Roman escape from the busy nearby attractions. On the ...

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  • 38

    Libreria Caffè Bohemien

    3 reviews

    By far my favorite bar thusfar in Rome. The bartender, Ricardo, was extremely friendly. The space is totally cool and the cocktails are relatively cheap. Five euros gets you a full menu of drinks, and there are also choices ranging from quality beers to a modest aperitivo option. Library books line the wall within the two rooms upstairs. Downstairs, you'll ...

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  • 39

    Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola

    7 reviews

    This church has an illusionist painted ceiling that fools the eye--incredible. You need to walk around to confirm it is an illusion.

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  • 40

    Palazzo delle Esposizioni

    5 reviews

    Pasolini Roma cinema art photography literature poetry critic 15 April - 20 July 2014 curated by Gianni Borgna, Jordi Balló, Alain Bergala

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